Friday, August 28, 2015


Notice for ESL Staff

Notice for ESL Staff

from Kristen Scott

WebSilk: There is a bug in the system that miscalculates student schedules. The total minutes in students Calc-Sched is different from the 18 minutes or less report and in the ILP. Also under Calc-Sched, if you see an “inactive student” next to the box of Create Student Schedule, it’s part of the bug as well. Connie and Steve Pearson are aware of this. They are working on this, and it will take an overnight upload to show them correct on the report. If you have emailed Connie on this, she may not reply to the email. Please check on the 18 minutes report tomorrow and compare with your student???s cal-sched, if it still incorrect, then email Connie.

Kelpa-P: Connie, Chavonne and Steve are also aware of the scores not showing. It will take a while before this is fixed. Please continue to enter the Kelpa-P as you normally do. It may not look right on the screen, but once fixed it will look correct. Please note that if there???s a true Kelpa-P score in the student???s record, you cannot enter another date. So the dates will be off as well. Please email Chavonne, the name of student, and the actual test date.

3.??????????Elementary only: In WebSilk, ??the last step is when the ESL Department approves teacher schedules. But if you need to do pull-out (student individual schedule) for SpEd, Strings, Reading Intervention, etc., please email Connie the classroom teacher???s name that the student is ??being pulled from. ??She will approve those teachers first, then you can do pull-out.

4.?????? Temp Code: Due to privacy laws, we can no longer call a school to get ESL info,

without??sending them a release of records signed by??the parent(s). Since this is??typically??done??by your building???s registrar, we will need to go back to waiting for records.

??With that being said, if the home language survey supports a need for ESL services, please return to entering a temp code in WebSilk if the student does not need to take the KELPA-P.