Friday, October 30, 2020

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Curriculum & Instruction

All Principals 
Designating Days for PD, Planning/Prep, & Student Feedback 
As buildings determine how to best provide time for professional development, planning/prepping, and providing students with meaningful feedback, we must ensure that we continue to provide students with instruction for the required 360 minutes per day as required by KSDE.
Therefore, we are not releasing students early or shortening the student day, we are simply adjusting the amount of time students are engaged in synchronous versus asynchronous learning.  As a result, all daily school schedules should continue to reflect 360 minutes per day of instruction.
The amount of synchronous time we are providing will be limited to allow time for teachers to receive professional learning, planning/prep time, and time to give students meaningful feedback.
Location for November 6th District Inservices
Please find following the link for the November 6th District Inservice locations.  We have included two different forms.  Principals, please make sure to share with your staff.
November 6th – District Inservice (Word)
November 6th – District Inservice (Excel)

Elementary School Principals

Re: Dyslexia Initiative – Module 1 

As part of the KSDE and KCKPS Dyslexia Implementation Plan, we are providing three mandatory training modules.  Based on the KSDE guidelines, educators with the following licenses are required to receive this training:  elementary education, special education, read/reading specialist, & early childhood unified.  It is also a KCKPS expectation that all instructional staff, including principals, in each elementary school engage in this training for the purpose of being prepared to support all students as we progress through this initiative.

The first module, presented to EC-5  instructional coaches on October 16, is provided in an asynchronous format.  All educators need to be in the district Google M account to access the first module through Canvas via this link –  Canvas houses all directions and links for the resources needed for Module 1 training.  

If you have additional questions, please contact Tracy Smith  or Tracy Cooper

Elementary School Principals

Re: K-5 Science Pilot/GVC Refinement Cadre

The Curriculum Department is seeking classroom teachers to represent all grade levels in work around an Amplify Science Remote Unit pilot for the second quarter.  A paid after school training will be provided to support teachers in launching this pilot. These teachers will then use their knowledge and experience to engage in revising the GVC during the third quarter to align the new resource (pending Board approval). If teachers meet the criteria in the application and are available and enthusiastic about engaging in this work, they may submit an application.  Applications are due by November 6.


Please email Cheryl Beyer at if you have any questions.


ILP Updating: The window for completing ILP will close October 30th end by midnight. All students who receive ESOL services must have an ILP updated or initiated for the 2020-2021 school year. Steps to run the missing ILP Report in Infinite Campus:

Under Student Information > General 1. Click on the Classroom Sched G tab (same place where you enter classroom teacher’s schedule) 2. Click on the Reports button (at the bottom) 3. Under Report Type, select Teacher 4. Under Report Name, select Students Without ILP (Code 1,2,4), click Run Report 5. Click on the Print View (top right) to print (only works on chrome) 6. Click on the Export button (top left) to export to excel and save it to the desktop

ESOL: The ESOL Department will be sharing flipped professional development in a weekly newsletter. Topics to be covered will revolve around best practices for emergent bilingual students such as visuals in the classroom. Strategies shared will be focused on supporting teachers in a virtual setting and providing practical application.


Tuesday, October 27, 2020

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IARC (Fine Arts)

Elementary Principals



As a part of our formal art partners programming, we are partnering with Jay and Leslie—as we have done in the past.  The program is targeted to 3rd, 4th and 5th grade.  IARC has contracted for 250 kids to view the materials.  If more slots are needed to allow all of your 3-5 kids to have access, let me know.

I am working with KC Young Audiences for a potential 15-minute follow up with Jay and Leslie attending a Zoom class.  This part is in the works.

Next steps:  Jenny Ruark will contact your school to schedule with your 3-5 grade teachers.

The program overview:

This VIRTUAL performance is available ASYNCHRONOUS (prerecorded). Your school will have access to view the videos as many times as you desire for two weeks.

In Election Special, Jay and Leslie use visual aids and humor to explain important election topics in two separate videos. One video explains how the Electoral College works and shows the difference between the popular vote and the electoral vote. The other video examines Gerrymandering, the creation of weird shaped legislative districts for political gain. Jay and Leslie’s thorough research and deft touch make learning about these tricky topics easy and fun.


As a part of our formal art partners programming, we are partnering with the Coterie Theatre for a reader’s theatre immersion for our second grade classrooms.

The program overview:

  • traditional folktales from around the world come to life in the classroom
  • students and classroom teachers will work with a professional teaching artists to rehearse and perform a short script with each young actor having a speaking role
  • each unique script is adapted specifically for this immersion workshop with alignment to our SEL targets
  • script options include Anasi and Five; The Deer People; The Chanchasa Bird; The Cheetah and the Lazy Hunter; and Why the Sun and Moon Live in the Sky
  • the classroom teacher will be given a menu of scripts from which to choose
Next steps:
  • The Coterie will reach out to your second grade teachers to schedule.  The goal is to schedule the immersions for second quarter.
  • IARC will provide the funding and handle the billing.
  • IARC might need you to help nudge the teachers to get this on their calendars.


Friday, October 23, 2020

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KCKPS is excited to announce the upcoming launch of Canvas! Please click this link for more information, including the launch date, login information and more!

Curriculum & Instruction

All Principals

Re: November 6th District Professional Learning

The Curriculum and Instruction team will be offering professional learning sessions for teachers in a variety of areas including resource implementation, priority standards and instructional practices, and engagement and remote learning from 8AM-11AM on November 6th.  Session descriptions and links will be available in next week’s Principals’ Office.

All Principals

RE: District-adopted Resources

As teachers plan for the next nine weeks of remote learning, a reminder that they should be using the district-adopted resources for core instruction. If teachers need support with implementing a new resource or platform, please reach out to the appropriate curriculum coach for support. 

All Principals

Re:  How will we know if our students are learning?

Our goal for 2nd quarter is to determine what students are learning in relation to the priority standards. There are a variety of options for assessing what students know. Daily formative assessment provides teachers a brief snapshot of student learning and drives instructional decisions moving forward. It can be something as simple as a thumbs up or thumbs down, exit ticket, fist to five, or a fun Kahoot. The use of common assessments ensure equity and access to the same essential knowledge and skills which, in turn, provides a continual focus on higher levels of achievement for all students. A variety of options for assessing student learning are available to staff.

*Common evidences/assessments aligned to grade-level standards are identified in the GVCs.

*District-approved resources and platforms have embedded assessments that measure grade-level standards.

*PLCs may create their own common formative assessments aligned to content and standards.

**Principals, please identify the best methods for your building to determine what students are learning and at what levels.

All Principals

Re:  Fastbridge Update

Good news!  The optional fall Fastbridge window is being extended until November 5. Please note that there are many benefits to opting into Fastbridge this fall. Teachers and students will experience the testing platform and learn what Fastbridge is all about. Buildings will receive data in a variety of reports that highlight students skills and potential challenges in the areas of reading and math. Also, the extended testing window allows teachers more time to certify in the Fastbridge assessments. This assessment can also provide another data point in addition to formative assessment data available.  Please contact Nathan Harris in DERA if you would like to opt into testing or have questions about the platform.  During this optional window, we also appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with you, and to problem-solve any issues that might arise.

All Principals

Re:  KAP Interim Update

In light of recent information from the state level surrounding potential technology complications, these Interim tests are now optional, though they are accessible in a remote environment.  The newly extended, optional assessment window is from November 2 – November 18.  Please see considerations below before deciding to opt-in.  

KAP and KSDE report that Interim tests will not work correctly on IPADS.  Additionally, they are working on a “fix” for MacBooks, currently impacting testing as well.  KAP Interim tests will work on Chromebooks.  

If you opt-in, please keep in mind that these interims mainly serve as one “checkpoint” to see whether or not selected standards have been taught.  A secondary goal might be to gain a very broad prediction of future score range, assuming that teaching and learning conditions remain the same relative to standards assessed.         

If you determine that KAP Interim testing is viable for your building, and that any data you gather through this testing would be valuable to you, your staff, and your students in light of these main goals, please also consider the following advice from the state to ensure test security and integrity.  

-Zoom sessions with no more than 10 students are currently advised.  Cameras should be on.  Please do not allow screen sharing.  Students should not be allowed to communicate with each other.  Muting all students is advised; if students have questions, they can non-verbally communicate to you by raising their hand, etc….     

-A second proctor is also advised in testing sessions.  When students have questions, one proctor can stay with the main testing group while the other proctor answers questions from students in a breakout room.

-For administration on a Chromebook, it is recommended to open Zoom first before KITE, then set to “kiosk” mode.

High School Principals

Re: Pre-ACT Spring Administration

Latest information from ACT and KSDE indicates that an additional Pre-ACT spring testing window from February 1 – March 5 will be available for current 9th graders.  More information is forthcoming.     

EC-5 Principals

Re:  KSDE and KCKPS Dyslexia Implementation Plan Update

As part of the KSDE and KCKPS Dyslexia Implementation Plan, we are providing three mandatory training modules across this school year.  Based on the KSDE guidelines, educators with the following licensures are required to receive this training:  elementary education, special education, read/reading specialist, & early childhood unified. 

The first module, presented to EC-5  instructional coaches on October 16, is provided in an asynchronous format for all required educators.  The video of the original presentation and the related interactive Google Slides are provided through Canvas at the link below.  Each teacher will be prompted to make their own copy of the Google Slide deck.  As teachers watch the video they will engage in the learning as prompted through the slide deck.  All the guidance for the learning process is provided in the slides, including the exit slip and the frontline link.   For the purpose of state reporting, the exit slip and Frontline will be used to keep a record of those who complete the training.

All teachers need to do is go to this URL ( and the information is provided within Canvas.  They will NOT be submitting any work through Canvas.  Canvas is just providing all of the resources they need.

Please let us know if you have any questions,

Tracy Cooper
Alli Rice
Olivia Riscovallez
Ruth Sinon
Tracy Smith

Elementary Principals

Re: 2nd Quarter Curriculum Resources

In an effort to support teachers as they continue to provide high-quality instruction in the remote environment, the C&I department has compiled suggestions and materials needed for 2nd quarter instruction. For schools that choose to offer another material pick-up day, the material lists should help streamline the process. The suggestions and materials listed below are resources for students that will assist in continued progress as we continue to inspire excellence.

ELA- Fourth Grade teachers will need to send home CKLA Student Workbooks for Unit 2 (Part 2), Unit 3, & Unit 5. Please note, Unit 4 has been relocated to the 4th Quarter due to remote learning. This unit is best suited for in-person learning. Fifth Grade teachers will need to send home CKLA Student Workbooks for Unit 3, Unit 4, & Unit 5. Both grade levels should refrain from sending home hard copy Student Readers. All Readers are available digitally on the CKLA Student Hub.

Math- The Math Materials for 2nd Quarter document provides suggestions for materials teachers may choose to send home for math instruction for quarter two. These supplies are based on standards for the 2nd quarter within the GVC and the Learn Anywhere Plans within Eureka Math in Sync.  Eureka Math in Sync is an available resource for remote learning that mirrors the primary resources while providing adaptations for remote learning.

Science- The Science Materials for 2nd Quarter document provides suggestions for materials teachers may choose to send home for Mystery Science units for quarter two. These supplies are based on suggestions for adjusting for remote instruction in the  Distance Learning Guides from Mystery Science.  Mystery Science is available this school year as a supplemental resource for remote learning, however, materials for the units have not been purchased.  Teachers may use/modify supplies based on what is available in the schools’ science supply closets.  

If you have additional questions please do not hesitate to contact the C & I team (– ELA,– Math, and– Science/Soc. Studies) for additional support.

Elementary Principals

Re: Pacing Calendars

Pacing calendars for the 2020-2021 school year have been deactivated due to the challenges associated with the late start and remote learning.  Teachers should adjust pacing based on their student needs, but also be cognizant of the standards for the current quarter in the GVC.  While the day to day lessons may look different, the standards for each quarter still need to be taught and assessed.  Teachers can also refer to the at-a-glance to know which standards they’ll be able to address/reinforce again throughout the year.  

If you have additional questions please do not hesitate to contact the C & I team (– ELA,– Math, and– Science/Soc. Studies) for additional support.

Elementary Principals

Re: Elementary Grade Card Information

Teachers should continue to place a grade of “I” (Not Progressing) in the Infinite Campus grade book for students who are not submitting work/assignments.  It will be crucial that the teachers add a comment/note to the quarterly report card explaining why their child is not making adequate progress due to those missing assignments.

Federal Programs

Building Principals and Assistant Principals

Coming Your Way – General & Title IX Investigations Training

The Human Resources, District Title IX and Legal Teams have planned an investigations training for ALL administrators (principals and ALL assistant principals) for 2nd quarter.  This training will focus on issue spotting, organizing and documenting investigations, and real-world scenarios to practice processing all types of student and staff employee misconduct. Additionally, updated and new Title IX forms will be reviewed.  Please click on the link below to sign up for your training session and to get the Zoom link to place on your calendar for your upcoming training session.  Please be sure to note the date/time of trainings on the bottom of each sheet, to ensure you sign up for the correct training!

Tuesday, 11/17/20, 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. – High School Admin Teams

Wednesday, 11/18/20, 12:00 – 2:00 p.m. – Washington/Wyandotte Cluster Elementary Admin Teams

Wednesday, 11/18/20, 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. – Middle School Admin Teams

Thursday, 11/19/20, 1:30 – 3:30 p.m. – Harmon/Schlagle Cluster Elementary Admin Teams

Building and District Administration Teams

Review Bullying/Harassment Reporting Structures with Staff and Students

Please put on your quarterly meeting agendas to review the bullying and harassment policies and reporting requirements with ALL staff and students.  Refer back to the mandatory training talking points for guidelines and be sure to include the following:

  1. Identify who the Title IX Building/Department Coordinator/Investigator is for your building/department.
  2. Remind staff/students that by policy, they are required to report any Sexual Harassment or Race Discrimination incidents they experience, witness, hear about, or receive a report on from a colleague or student.
  3. Remind staff/students the required process is to report incidents of any staff or student misconduct to Building Principal/Department Manager or the Building/Department Title IX Coordinator/Investigator.
    1. If the staff member/student doesn’t feel comfortable reporting to the building, they can contact Human Resources or any of the District Compliance Officers that were listed in the final video.
    2. Staff/students can also use the Bullying/Harassment Report button on the website/student devices to make a report. Reports go directly to central office leaders.
    3. Staff/students can also use the district phone line which is 913-627-2550.
  4. Remind staff/students that Board of Education Policies for Sexual Harassment (GAAC/JGEC/AH/KN), Race and Disability Discrimination (GAACA/JGECA; GAAB/JCE), Acceptable Use and Communication Policies (IIBF/GAT), Staff-Student Relationships (GAF) are posted in the school (identify where) for their review.
  5. Remind staff/students of IIBF, which is the Acceptable Use Policy for district technology devices and internet; GAT, which is Staff Use of Communication Devices; and GAF, Staff-Student Relationships.
    1. All communication should be school or instructional related and should never violate student-staff relationship or supervisor-staff relationship policies.
    2. At NO TIME, should a staff member EVER TEXT or MESSAGE an INDIVIDUAL STUDENT for ANY reason, even school related.
    3. Individual messages between supervisors and individual staff members should remain professional, related to school/work and support the development of a positive school or work climate. Supervisors should maintain a professional standard for all communications, at all times.

Student Services

Trauma Sensitive Tuesdays (bi-weekly) 

Please share the following with your staff: 

Our next Trauma Sensitive Tuesday will be on OCtober 27th from 12-1pm. We will be hosting Hayley Stotlzle from Turning Point, who will be speaking on self-compassion and telling us about resources available to us from Turning Point.

If you want to attend the next session on 10/27/2020 LIVE, then you can register here.

If you want to watch a recording, register for the Frontline activity. A link to view the recording will be added after the event!

Bullying Prevention Plans:

Thank you to all of the buildings who have completed their Bullying Prevention Site Action Plan. As the plans are completed, the best practice considerations will be referenced, which are located at the top of the plan, to provide feedback via google comments. Building leaders will be tagged in the comments for for review and any potential follow up.

Bullying Prevention Site Action Plans are due to the Office of Student Services by October 31st.  Within the Bullying Prevention Site Action Plan Folder, you will find your respective building’s template that we are asking be completed by October 31st, 2020. Please take out the blue examples and enter your building’s specific information in each section. When completing your action plan, think what protective factors do we have in place to reduce bullying? How do we include all members of our community in this?

Please also include any supporting documentation, which can be linked in your document, added to the folder (please label with building name and item title) or emailed to Tracie Chauvin.

Friday, October 16, 2020

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Curriculum & Instruction

Elementary Principals

The C&I Department is seeking participants to engage in a cadre that will reevaluate our current phonics resource. More information and the application can be found here:  Please contact with any questions you may have.

Secondary Principals

Part of Friday IC PL over the next four weeks, Instructional Coaches will be involved in content-based PLCs addressing the overarching question of How do we become an assessment-literate district? The purpose of this PLC work is to create understanding around how all the different assessments in our system work together and can be leveraged to support different areas of student need, particularly in terms of helping teachers recognize where student evidence occurs and leveraging that evidence when determining next steps in instruction and learning.

We will also be focused on the following coaching strategies to increase our understanding and actions as we become Student Centered Coaches:

October 16 :
Unpacking our understanding of the  Noticing and Naming coaching technique that can be used during co-teaching and assigned observations

October 23:
Noticing and Naming practice and feedback triads

October 30:
Using teacher friendly data in your coaching cycles.  Supporting Student Centered Coaching Core Practice #2: Coaching involves regular analysis of student work and #3: Coaching is driven by evidence of student learning

As always, administrators are welcome to join us in any of our IC PL sessions.  Please contact or for more information.

FastBridge Information

Please remember that the FastBridge Universal Screener is OPTIONAL for the fall testing window.  As we find our plate quite full with remote learning, consider what is best for your students and staff right now. If you choose to opt into Fastbridge, please contact the DERA team with questions regarding the administration of the assessment. 

Who are my Fastbridge contacts? 

User Access: Nathan Harris & Sam Bradshaw

Connectivity: TIS Help Desk

ESOL/Migrant Services

ILP: The Individual Language Plan (ILP) window is open and will close on October 30th. The Frontline training is available through this linkor by the title ESOL – ILP Updating Webinar. Teachers and ESL support staff that are completing the ILP will need to participate in the Frontline training. Due to the fact that we do not have KELPA scores teachers will be monitoring and updating ILPs in Infinite Campus. This means that students’ language proficiency score will be the same as the 2019-20 school year. Newly identified ESOL students will have an ILP initiated with their pre-screener language proficiency levels. The purpose of the ILP is to be directly connected to instruction. The ILP should guide a teacher with their Tier 1 instruction and the students should engage with their language proficiency goals. The ILP form will close on October 30th end of day.  Should questions arise please reach out to an ESL Instructional Coach or Jacqueline Rodriguez, Director of ESOL & Migrant Programs.

On Track Videos: The Bilingual Advocates and Outreach workers have started a weekly video series highlighting important information. These videos are recorded in Spanish, Burmese, Nepali, Karen, Swahili, and Kinyarwanda. The On Track videos are shared every Monday through social media covering important topics such as Parent Assurance documents. The Advocates and Outreach Workers are also spreading awareness of these videos to families they connect with daily. These videos are available to share with families weekly and we encourage buildings to share these with our multilingual families.

KCKPS Police Department

At each school the principal and their designated secretary will have the ability to enroll new users.  Designated building administrators will be issued a password.  The first time principal and their design­­­­ated secretary login you should go to the user’s tab on the left, find your name in the search bar, and scroll down and change your password.  When enrolling staff members, the username should be the same as the first part of your district email account.  (i.e. Nancy.Smith) When enrolling a staff member, you should first search the name in the search bar at the upper right corner.  If the user doesn’t appear you can scroll down to the + add user button at the bottom. This is covered in the videos and PDF reference sheet.

There is a video and PDF file on Frontline for the principal and their designated secretary to understand how to enroll staff and enter new users.  A quick reference PDF can be printed for principal and designated secretary to use as a reference guide.  If there is not a computer within eyesight of the “Training Only of Enrolling Station” device it is best to take a laptop so the principal and designated secretary can watch the enrollee place their finger.  Once enrolled the staff member will be able to activate the system at any device in the building they are assigned.

  1. NOTE: Frontline training presentation will be open for the time frame of October 13th through October 23rd for completion.
    1. Open Frontline
    2. Learning Plan
    3. Manage; SAFEDEFEND™ Admin Training
    4. Launch activity:
      1. Print Enrollment Procedures and Best Practices PDF for reference
      2. Webinar SAFEDEFEND™ Enrollment Training

SAFEDEFEND™ team and police staff are available to assist if you have questions or concerns the week of October 26th – 30th.  If you would like to set up an appointment to have a someone video conference or assist on site with the initial set up please contact or We are scheduled for system go live Monday, November 2, 2020. 


The SAFEDEFEND™ system has been installed across the district.  The system is designed to be used in the event of a hostile intruder on campus.  Upon activation the system will alert KCKPS Police of the school and hallway where a threat has been identified.  At the same time siren/strobes in the hallways alert occupants/students/staff to initiate the emergency action plan and to lockdown.  Also, text and emails alerts go out to all staff in that building so they have more information about the threat. Building administrators across the district will also receive a text so they can secure their own school until the situation is resolved and the all clear is issued by the district.

The system has two (2) primary components that staff will interact with for operation.

  1. In the event of an emergency the activation station (white/orange boxes located throughout buildings) can be used to activate the alarm by placing your fingerprint on a module in the hallway (DO NOT USE the hallway device except in a actual emergency).  The biometrics allow only pre-enrolled staff to activate the system.  This eliminates malicious or unintentional activation by students or visitors.
  2. In every building there is a “Training Only Enrolling Station”.  Generally, these are located in the work rooms, teacher’s lounges or front office area.  They are clearly marked with yellow tape.  Staff will interact with these devices to enroll and periodically test their own fingerprints.  You may place your finger on this reader as many times as you like until you are satisfied how to activate the system.  A display above the reader will show the name, phone number, and email of the user.  If the information is inaccurate or needs updating please contact the school principal/secretary so they can correctthe information. Note: The “Training Only Enrolling Station” devices will never initiate an emergency condition.
  3. All staff shall watch the Frontline training videos regarding the SAFEDEFEND™ system and activation.  These videos include information on how to activate the system, what to do in an emergency and the police response to a threat on campus.
    1. We will send out information on this SAFEDEFEND™ training activity when it becomes available.

SafeDefend Enrollment Guide PDF

Nutritional Services

You are being asked to take part in a research study that has been reviewed and approved by your school district. This study is being conducted at UMKC. The researcher in charge of this study is Dr. Matthew Chrisman. While the study will be run by him other qualified persons who work with him may act for him. The study is titled “MENU-KC COVID-19 School Response Survey.” The study team is asking you to take part in this research study because you are a staff member at USD500. This study will ask about how COVID-19 affected your school, and your school’s plans for this upcoming year

If you consent to participating, you will be one of approximately 92 subjects in the study at UMKC. Those who complete the online survey will have the option to receive a $20 gift card to Target for participating. The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. To protect against a potential breach of confidentiality of the information you provide, the research team will only present data from this study in the aggregate so that individuals cannot be identified. Your name and email will not be linked to survey responses. Data collected from this study will be stored in a locked and secure location with access limited to only the researchers. If you decide to withdraw from the study, any data collected will not be used in later research procedures. The researchers will not provide any of your information to a third party. You can access the electronic survey at the link below:

You should contact the Office of UMKC’s Institutional Review Board at 816-235-5927 if you have any questions, concerns or complaints about your rights as a research subject. You may call the researcher Matthew Chrisman at 816-235-5709 if you have any questions about this study. You may also email him ( if any problems come up.


We are aware there has been confusion around how to properly record timesheets for teachers teaching additional sections or covering for absences/vacancies. IIOs, HR, and Finance leadership have met to discuss, and we would like to provide the following guidance. We hope this helps to clarify, but please fee free to reach out to your IIO or HR/Finance with any questions.


  • Teachers who are teaching extra sections should submit only the hours they are teaching that course. If a section is 90 minutes long, they would submit their timesheet for 1.5 hours only for days that class meets. Timesheets should continue to be submitted for the 1st-15th and 16th-end of the month.


  • If a teacher is covering for a partial day due to an absence, they should submit only the portion of the day they were responsible for those students. Do not include planning time in the hours claimed. If they are covering <65% of a class, they will be paid at half their regular hourly rate. If they are covering >65%, they will be paid their full regular hourly rate. The teacher must select either < or > 65% for each day when submitting their timesheet.
  • If a teacher is covering a second class group for an entire day, or multiple days, they should submit sub timesheets for the entire contract day, minus planning time of 225 minutes per week (45 minutes per day). In this example, we would expect to see no more than 7.25 hours submitted per day. If they are covering <65% of a class, they will be paid at half their regular hourly rate. If they are covering >65%, they will be paid their full regular hourly rate. The teacher must select either < or > 65% for each day when submitting their timesheet.

We understand vacancies at select campuses have increased the need for this sub coverage duty, and we are happy to support you. Our goal is to be fair and consistent will all teachers across the system. Your IIO will be following up with you on plans to address vacancies in the coming days. As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.

Special Education

October is Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) awareness month.  It is a time to raise awareness around augmentative and alternative communicaion used by people with complex communication needs.  Our district has more than 200 students who are using some form of AAC.  We have one Assistive Technology Specialist in the cooperative, Emily Rose Patrick, and 47 other Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) that are also very knowledgeable about AAC usage, support and training for students and staff.

Here are a couple quick resources that can be shared with staff either in the principals email or in other district sites.

AAC Google Slide Facts

Types of AAC

Student Services

Bullying Prevention Plan REMINDER:

Bullying Prevention Site Action Plans are due to the Office of Student Services by October 31st.  Within the Bullying Prevention Site Action Plan Folder, you will find your respective building’s template that we are asking be completed by October 31st, 2020. Please take out the blue examples and enter your building’s specific information in each section. When completing your action plan, think what protective factors do we have in place to reduce bullying? How do we include all members of our community in this?

Please also include any supporting documentation, which can be linked in your document, added to the folder (please label with building name and item title) or emailed to Tracie Chauvin.

Bullying Prevention Month:  

We received the videos linked below to use during our October Bullying Prevention Month activities! Each video features a different Sporting KC player speaking on the Red Card KC partnership, how COVID has impacted bullying, and 6 tips for preventing bullying. Please share with your counselors, social workers, and BHT for their use during prevention activities.

Red Card Call it – Amadou Dia

Red Card Call It – Daniel Salloi

Red Card Call it–  Illie Sanchez

Unity Day- October 21st 

On October 21st, we will be recognizing Unity Day by having an Orange Out! Encourage your community to wear orange on October 21st. KCKPS graphics, promotional materials, and Unity Day Guide can be found here.

Friday, October 9, 2020

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Curriculum & Instruction

Middle and High School Principals

Re:  6-12 ELA (myPerspectives) Administrator Support

Savvas offers many resources that can assist you and your teachers when implementing myPerspectives.  Check out this guide that can help you prepare for implementation and how to best support teachers with instruction when utilizing myPerspectives. 

Planning for Success

If you are looking for additional information about the types of assessments available within myPerspectives, this digital path to assessments will help you navigate what is available to assess student learning and to inform teacher instruction.  

Assessments in myPerspectives

Finally, here is a quick one-page document that will support parents and guardians by providing distance learning tips.  

If you would like a brief overview of the program and/or an opportunity to dialogue about supporting the implementation of myPerspectives, please do not hesitate to reach out to

***The next phase of secondary ELA cadre work will begin soon.  Your teachers will receive more information concerning cadre work along with an application form.  Upcoming cadre work involves the continuation of GVC development for ELA electives and a focus on novels/trade books in the secondary ELA classroom. 

Elementary Principals

Re: Eureka Math Digital Suite

The Eureka Math Digital Suite offers many resources that can assist teachers in planning for effective instruction and self-guided professional development. Accessible anytime and anywhere, the Eureka Digital Suite consists of two online resources, the Eureka Navigator and Teach Eureka Video Series, that put the entire Eureka Math curriculum and hours of PD videos at your fingertips. 

Eureka Navigator (Digital Suite)–  The Digital Suite provides access to the interactive digital curriculum. Embedded PD videos demonstrating key instructional practices and an interactive map of the modules are also within the Navigator. The digital suite allows teachers to easily determine the foundational and subsequent standards using the coherence links.

Teach Eureka Video Series– The Teach Eureka Series provides on-demand PD videos. Teachers have access to professional development sessions organized sequentially by module. The GVC Table of Contents for each grade level also contains a link to a breakdown by module and lesson of the Teach Eureka Video Series. 

All classroom teachers received an invitation to activate their accounts in August. Over 80% of classroom teachers have activated their accounts. However, usage is only at about 55%. If support is needed for account activation, please have teachers check their spam for the invitation then reach out to for assistance. Instructional support staff should access the Digital Suite by using the school account. 

Elementary IC Professional Learning for the remainder of the semester is as follows:

K-5 ICs EC ICs
9/4/20 Virtual Professional Learning (Asynchronous)
9/11 Optional Session/Unconference Style
9/18 Student Centered Coaching
9/25 EC ELA GVC – 2 hours

Zoom link

SIOP – 1 hour
10/2 ELA — 2.5 hrs Shared Reading – 2.5 hrs
Reflecting on the Launch of Student-Centered Coaching – 30 min



Student-Centered Coaching — 1hr
ELA–1.5 hrs SR, FPC SR materials – 2 hrs
FastBridge Check In – 30 min
10/16 Dyslexia Training: Module 1 — 1.5 hours?

Student-Centered Coaching?

FastBridge Check In?

10/23 Student-Centered Coaching –2 hours

SIOP – 1hour

10/30 Dyslexia Training: Module 2
11/6 No PD

½ day inservice/ ½ day record prep

11/13 Fastbridge Reports 1-2:30pm Universal Instructional Practices for Early Childhood (TASN  EC MTSS)


2:30-4pm FPC Shared Reading Materials

11/20 Productive Discourse in Math & Science Big Questions for Little Minds, promoting discussion in math and literacy
SIOP – 1 hour
12/4 Dyslexia Training: Module 3
12/11 Mathematical Practice Standards EC Approaches to Learning Standards/K-12 Mathematical Practice Standards


EC Math Routines

12/18 SIOP – 1 hour

Recap of the Semester/Celebration


Student Services

We are happy to announce that we will be resuming the Foster Grandparents Program for the 2020-21 school year. I know a lot of schools are interested and this year we plan on working together to recruit foster grandparents so that every school can have one.  I understand how short handed we are in our buildings and our Foster Grandparents can be a helping hand in a classroom with academic needs, behavior needs, or as a mentor throughout your building.  If you already have a Foster Grandparent from last year, rest assured that we will do our best to continue those assignments into this year.  Virtual options are available to continue collaboration with Foster Grandparents. In person placements for Foster Grandparents will be determined in the future on a case-by-case basis.

Foster Grandparents Program and Student Services is working on how to incorporate Foster Grandparents during this pandemic. Please if you are interested in obtaining a Foster Grandparent at your building, fill out the form below and we will work diligently to get one assigned to your building.


Bullying Prevention and Awareness

Please share the following with your staff: 

On October 21st, we will be recognizing Unity Day by having an Orange Out! Encourage your community to wear orange on October 21st. KCKPS graphics, promotional materials, and Unity Day Guide can be found here.

If you have activities planned for bullying prevention month, please email any materials to Tracie Chauvin  so that Student Services can recognize and promote all the amazing activities happening in our school communities. If you promote on your social media please tag @SELKCKPS.

Trauma Sensitive Tuesdays (bi-weekly) 

Please share the following with your staff: 

The next Trauma Sensitive Tuesday will be Tuesday, October 13th at 12pm. We will be focusing on Restorative Practices and have an amazing panel of speakers from across the district sharing their knowledge. Staff can register via Crowdcast and it can be found on Frontline. All sessions are recorded for staff to view on-demand as well. If staff need help navigating Frontline, here is a great tutorial on how to find Trauma Sensitive Tuesdays, accessing the Crowdcast from Frontline, and completing the program evaluation form.

SIT Building Coordinator Information 

An email and meeting invite went out last week to all SIT Building Coordinators. If your building’s SIT Coordinator did not receive an email and/or meeting invite, please have them contact Tracie Chauvin.