Wednesday, July 20, 2022

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Action Items

For All Principals

New School Website Needs

from Communications

There area number of items we need for your new websites, and we need as much as we can by the end of this week.

  1. Faculty & Staff Assignments
    Please send your list of faculty & staff to Mike Keener as soon as you can so he can setup your school’s faculty & staff page.
  2. Website Editor Assignments
    If you haven’t already, please choose those who you want to edit your new websites and send Mike Keener a list of those who need editing access. The new sites require no code to edit, and allow you to see your changes exactly how they will appear on the site as you edit. Website training is planned for the end of August.
  3. Website Calendar Information
    If your school uses a digital calendar for events (like Google Calendar or the athletic rSchools system), please contact Mike Keener (if you haven’t already) so that your existing calendar can be linked to the new websites.If you don’t have a digital calendar set up, also let Mike Keener know, so that he can set up a new calendar for you to use.
  4. Any New Information for Your School Websites
    In between the live launch of the new school websites and the training of you r school website editors, you will need Mike Keener to add, edit, or remove items from your site. Please let him know what you need in that timeframe.

DERA Updates

from DERA

NOTE: DERA has changed the wording for FastBridge information for this week.

    • Effective 2022-2023 School Year all returning and new staff proctoring FastBridge and building testing coordinators will need to be recertified in assessments they will be administering.  Certifications completed prior to June 1, 2022 have been cleared.
    • Teachers will need approximately 3 hours to complete training for modules and certifications combined.  Please fit this into your building PD prior to August 22nd.
      • Checklist provided in the Draft Assessment Schedule for 22-23 to aid in which assessments require certification for their grade.
  • 1st Grade: earlyReading Sentence Reading has been added to the fall screener.  1st grade no longer will use aMath and will now proctor earlyMath.  See Assessment Schedule for further details.
  • Building Testing Coordinator Signup

Mandatory Training Bundles for ALL Staff – Completed by 8/12/2022

from Federal Programs
All USD500 employees must complete the required Staff Mandatory Trainings for 2022-23SY by 8/12/2022. Training Bundle 1 MUST be shown by Principals/Department Directors in a GROUP setting via physical in-seat meeting or a live Zoom. Remember to take attendance and submit your attendance sheet to your IDP representative or HR team for entry into the Frontline system.

  • District staff members who are assigned to one building and who regularly attend staff meetings at that building should get their training through their building principal.
  • All maintenance/custodial staff, nutritional services and bus drivers will receive their training and directions from their District Operations Director.
  • Staff members who work out of central office and support multiple buildings should receive their training through you, the Department Director.

Training Bundle 2 can be done via OnDemand with employees watching videos on an individual basis during the time you designate for your staff to complete the videos. Principals and Department Directors MAY choose to facilitate the showing of ALL videos in a physical in-seat meeting or live Zoom setting to ensure all staff complete their trainings. Remember to take attendance and submit your attendance sheet to your IDP representative or HR team for entry into the Frontline system.

See the KCKPS Admin Guide or Principal Handbook Annual Staff & Student Mandatory Training resource page for step-by-step directions on how to access and facilitate training.

An email will be sent to ALL USD500 employees the last week of July with directions regarding how to complete the 2022-23 Mandatory Training bundles. Staff members who do not complete trainings may be subject to progressive coaching action.

For Title I Administrators

Required Annual Parent Notifications & Schoolwide Meetings for Title I Buildings

from Federal Programs

A reminder for all Title I funded buildings, principals are required to provide (mail or post) several documents to parents at the start of each school year. These documents include School-Home Compact, School Family Engagement Plan, KCKPS District Family Engagement Plan, Parents-Right-To-Know ESSA letters, and Standard Complaint Resolution Process. Templates and documents are linked to the Title I School Guidelines page in the KCKPS Principal Handbook and EDITABLE formats are stored in the Federal Programs Elementary/Middle Schools Title I required documents subfolder. The provided templates and forms meet the 2223SY compliance guidelines regarding annual notification to parents related to highly qualified staff and other funding mandates.

Each school served under Title I, Part A must convene annual Title I Parent Meetings to inform ALL parents of their school’s participation in Title I, Part A programs, to explain the Title I, Part A requirements, how the Title I students will be assessed, how the parents will be kept informed, and the right of parents to be involved in those programs. Please refer to the Title I School Guidelines page in the KCKPS Principal Handbook for details regarding how these meetings can be combined with Back-To-School Night and other parent events held throughout the school year.

Please contact Lisa Walker with questions.



from Student Services

Your school’s 2022 Kansas Communities That Cares (KCTC) data have been loaded into your KansaSTAR School Improvement Plan folders. Please look under the NEEDS ASSESSMENT folder and then in your NEEDS ASSESSMENT subfolder to review these data packets. You will want to review this data with your Building Leadership Team and/or Behavioral Health Team. You can also log into your KCTC account and view the questions dynamically if you choose. If you have any questions or would like support in analyzing your data, please contact Tracie Chauvin.