Tuesday, November 24, 2020

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All Principals:

Tutorial for getting to the trainings via Canvas

Here is a link to the video:

And here is the link to google slides used in the video:  https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1yHYikBSNRmzL-UU2Xjdd6R3QEyC5Z_vgzBHpJ_-5_1w/edit?usp=sharing


Internal Communications to Principals
Explaining Flyer Connect and the Technology Needs Assessment Survey

Dear Principals,

As you are aware, there has been a great deal of conversation throughout the district on how we can enhance our communication efforts to increase engagement among some of our hard to reach and diverse parent groups.

Thanks to a grant made available through the Kansas City, Kansas Schools Foundation for Excellence, the district is partnering with LeanLab Education and Flyer Connect to launch and distribute a Technology Needs Assessment to our families on November 30th – December 21, 2020. The assessment will assist us in our efforts to create an effective learning environment that leads to academic success for our students.

The goal is for every household to complete a short survey describing their current situation and needs so we may respond with support. In addition to this being notice to inform you about this survey, we will need your help to disseminate information about the survey to your school community and parents.

The assessment will be delivered through the Flyer Connect mobile app which will allow any family with a smartphone of tablet to complete the survey. The app will translate the survey into the family’s language and results will be translated back into English.  In addition, the app has ancillary benefits including translated communication, a directory of our academic learning tools, behavioral/SEL resources and social wellness partners to meet basic needs.

Below is a brief list of events to support the assessment:

November 23rd

Families will receive the first notification about the Technology Needs Survey from the District and asked to look for an invite on December 1 (Email, Text and Robocall) 

November 30th
Families will receive the second notification about the Technology Needs Survey from the school and asked to look for an invite on December 1 (Email, Text and Robocall)

December 1st

  • Families will receive a text invite from your school asking them to download the app and enter a code (included with the text message) to access the survey.
  • Digital assets including website and social media will be updated to build awareness of the assessment

December 12-21
Continued communication via the app, text, call, email and social media will be delivered to drive families to complete the assessment.

December 31
The district will receive the analysis of the assessment.

Student Services is available to support families who may have questions or need support regarding the assessment. You may freely direct questions to them. Thank you so much for all you do and helping us get our families connected!

Curriculum & Instruction

All Principals:

Please remind appropriate staff.

Session 2: Student-Centered Coaching Training (instructional coaches, curriculum coaches, ESL coaches, SPED lead teachers)

SESSION 2: Structures for Launching and Organizing Coaching

  • Learn a variety of structures for coaching: coaching cycles, mini coaching cycles, unit planning, and lesson planning
  • Plan how coaching will be organized and what practices will be used
  • Share tools for launching and communicating about coaching

Homework for coaches:





Passcode: kckps



All Principals:

Priority standards have been identified and are found in the grade-level/content GVC for teachers to use for remote and/or hybrid planning. The purpose of priority standards is to prioritize certain standards and performance indicators, rather than give each of them an equal amount of  attention in the curriculum and on assessments. The key is “prioritization” not “elimination.”  By giving priority to certain standards, teachers can provide in- depth instruction and target their support for students.

Special Education

Principals for SAILS and STEPS programs, the links below is the timeline and schedule for in person return. Thank you.

Friday, November 19, 2020

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Chief of Staff/IIOs

In October, the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools Board of Education made arrangements with Spectrum to provide reliable internet service to a number of homes in the Kansas City, Kansas area. Numerous households received a letter informing them that they would be receiving the service in the coming weeks, and we just want to send you an update on this partnership.

Due to some unforeseen issues, there is a service installation delay. The district is working hard to get the matter resolved with Spectrum to ensure our students do not have any disruptions from continuing their education, and we ask that you bear with us during this process.

If families are still having issues with internet service and have not done so already, the district encourages them to pick up a mobile hot spot. If that is not an option, or the hotspot does not work in their area, we encourage you to speak with them about enrolling in your connectivity hub program.

Once again, we are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause your school community and we will update you as soon as we learn more.  Households have been notified of this delay via letters were mailed on November 13th.


Elementary schools are scheduling their teacher Connector training, have you? Two schools are tied for first place in the number of teachers using the Connector: Frank Rushton and Noble Prentis are in the lead.

Facilities/Purchasing/Print Shop

Elementary and Early Childhood desk shields are available for ordering from the KCKPS storeroom.  They will have a product identification number, and you may order through Business Plus.

  • Please only order what you need. If we are looking at the Hybrid model, order only what you need to cover the social distanced student desks.  (You may order some spares if you have a need).
    • To be installed on Student and Teacher Desks/Tables (Static)
    • T-brackets w/adhesive included
    • Product ID’s for these shields are 93283 (EC and Elementary)

Secondary student desk shields are available for ordering from the KCKPS storeroom.  They will have a product identification number, and you may order through Business Plus.

  • Please only order what you need. If we are looking at the Hybrid model, order only what you need to cover the social distanced student desks. (You may order some spares if you have a need).
    • Initially intended to be carried by Students/Teachers, but they can be attached to a desk by included T-brackets.
    • Product ID’s for these shields are 93287 (Middle School and High School).

We have been experiencing over-ordering with the elementary shields, please do a sweep of your building to find unused stacks of shields and return as necessary.

Transactional Desk Shields for Staff are being installed the week of November 16, 2020.  If you should need additional shields in the building, please simply measure the area of the desk top, side to side, and send your requests to the Building Administration so that they may collaborate with Purchasing Department; as a building need, not a single need.  This type of shield is 36 inch standard in height and will need to be processed via Purchasing.

As a courtesy reminder, the KCKPS print shop can make directional wall/floor signs for your sites as you are preparing your buildings for staff/students re-entry.  You can order directly through the Print Shop as you would normally order a print job.

Following is the latest list of Covid related items available from the Storeroom at no cost.

Please only order what you need, do not over order – Thank you for your cooperation.

Product ID Item Unit
61004 BOOTIES(50 PR) BOX
61005 APRONS(100PK) PACK
61629 HAND SANITIZER-gallon refill EACH
61631 HAND SANITIZER-1/2 gallon w/pump EACH
93276 CLOTH MASK-child (25 pack) BUND
93277 CLOTH MASK-standard (25pk) BUND
93278 CLOTH MASK-large (25pk) BUND
93279 N95 MASK (50pk) PACK
93280 FACE SHIELDS (10pk) PACK
93283 DESK SHIELDS (Elementary) EACH

Human Resources

The list of mentors and mentees needs to be updated.  Please click on this link  which will take you to a Google doc.  Please look at your school’s mentees and mentors.  In BRIGHT GREEN, please mark changes, additions and/or deletions.   Please have this done by end of business day on Tuesday, November 24th.  Thank you.

Instructional Technology

Join us for an Overview of Canvas in KCKPS Tuesday, November 24 at 9:30 or 1:00. Click this link to register!

Student Services

KCTC- Middle School and High School Principals 

Between November 2020and January 29, 2021, our district’s 6th, 8th, 10th, and 12th grade students will be participating in the KCTC survey and we are asking for your help in doing this. KCTC and KCKPS Flyer. Resources for the 2020-2021 KCTC can be found here: KCTC Administration Folder 

Our timeline for implementing the KCTC survey:

  • November 2020
    • 11/18/20 Student Services will meet with MS/HS counselors to discuss implementation
    • Counselors will work with building leadership to develop communication and implementation plan
    • Buildings provide communication to Middle and High School students
      • SEL Coordinator will work with Building KCTC Teams, Counselors, and/or Building Representative
    • Building teams will send out parent permission slip google form
  • December 2020
    • Gather permission slips via google form  from all 6th, 8th, 10th, and 12th grade students
    • Start proctoring the KCTC as your school community feels ready and collects permission slips
  • January 2021
    • Continue to proctor the KCTC survey
    • The KCTC survey window closes January 29

First Call 

KCKPS has partnered with First Call to bring their prevention services to our KCKPS community! First Call provides clinical, educational and prevention services to individuals and families in Greater Kansas City impacted by substance use disorders. Our counselors and social workers have the opportunity to hear from First Call on 12/7/20 at 9am or 12/10/20 at 3pm to learn more about their free school based prevention programs and how to schedule them for your school community.  First Call Prevention Services Flyer

Trauma Sensitive Tuesday – Boundaries and Limit Setting (Please share with all staff ) 

11/24/20 12:00-1:00pm 

Boundaries are essential to healthy relationships and a healthy life. During our 11/24/20 TST, we will learn the effects of unhealthy boundaries, tools for setting boundaries, and discuss how to empower ourselves via boundaries and limit setting. Sign up here: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/tst112420

Notification of Language Support

We understand that language support is more important than ever as we continue to navigate Remote Learning. The district has both internal and contracted interpretation services to support buildings and provide language support to families via zoom meetings, phone calls, and more.

If any staff members need support contacting families the first step would be to reach out to the  Advocate/Community Outreach staff in the ESOL Department. This link contains a list of Bilingual Outreach Workers by cluster with the language they support. Please reach out to the Staff assigned to your school cluster first.  They can support calling families (three-way calls), zoom meetings, email/text, and more. This might require some planning ahead since they are not always available on the spot. However, not only can they provide language support, but their role is to support ELL families.

Student Services has additional resources to provide support for: translation of documents, FA, massive phone calls, and other services the ESOL staff does not have the capacity to support. We work with various agencies that provide different kinds of services. Staff and buildings can fill out this Interpreter Request Form or email Naomi Tolentino in Student Services to request support and be directed to the right resources.  Please keep in mind that the translation of documents can take up to two weeks.

In addition, other Departments like  Special Education, Early Childhood, Headstart, and ESOL, manage their own interpretation services for specific needs related to their department. Some of their Propio codes had been changed, but please know that Propio is Not Canceled and is still available. To request that information please contact the Director from that Department.

If you have any questions, concerns, or need to utilize any of the interpreter resources please contact Naomi Tolentino


Starting on Friday, November 20th KCKPS Tech Support will be moving locations in preparation for the winter months.

What this is means is that anyone needing assistance with broken IPads or computers, or replacement charging devices will still go to 2220 N. 59th Street, Kansas City, Kansas. Go down the stairs to left of the blue awning located on the north side of the building and push the buzzer for assistance.

Face masks will be required, and if there is a line, social distancing will be required.

To access TIS, Go down these stairs:

facade of TIS and stairway

Once at the bottom of the stairs, press the buzzer for entry:

Front doors and buzzer to TIS

KCKPS technology experts will be available to assist you Monday thu Friday from 9am until 4pm. If you need assistance upon arrival you can call 913-627-3320.

Additional Questions

What if we still do not have internet at our house?

The district has purchased additional hotspots for students who do not currently have internet in their home. Parents should contact their child’s school for a hotspot.

How much does it cost if my device is broken or I need a replacement part?

Fee Chart:

iPads and Chromebooks

  • Physical damage $25
  • Missing charger $25
  • Device missing or stolen $50

MacBook Air

  • LCD/Screen damage $50 (or 7 hours of community service)
  • Keyboard damage $40 (or 5 hours of community service)
  • Damaged/missing charger $25 (or 4 hours of community service)
  • Liquid spill, lost, stolen $150

** some fees may be waived on a case to case basis**

Posted November 19, 2020

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

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Curriculum & Instruction

KCKPS Mobile Minute – Please forward to all staff


The Zoom link has been added for Thursday’s session.  Books will be in the mail to your building soon! Please take some time to read Chapter 1 (linked below) prior to Thursday.




90 minute Webinar with Leanna Harris

November 19

8:30 – 10:00

Principals’ Networking Day

SESSION 1: Student-Centered Coaching from a Distance

  • Understand how Student-Centered Coaching compares with other approaches to coaching
  • Learn how the core practices are modified for distance learning
  • Understand the power and process for coaching cycles

Homework for principals and coaches:



Password: kckps

Lead ICs, Building-Based ICs, Principals


Building testing schedules must be sent to Jacqueline Rodriguez, jacqueline.rodriguez@kckps.org, for in-person testing. The testing schedule template can be accessed through this link or the testing protocol document found here. Check with staff at the end of each testing day that they have sent the KELPA-p calculator to Dasiel Saurez, dasel.saurez@kckps.org.

Please remember that all in-person services are subject to change as directed by the health department and school board. The ESL testing plans is a working document and will be revised as we move forward with testing to ensure safety.

ESOL SIT Addendum: 

The ESOL SIT Addendum process must be completed prior to any ESOL student beginning the SIT process. Training for SIT Coordinators, ESOL staff, admin, and teachers who will engage in the SIT Addendum process is now live in Frontline. Please ensure that staff completes the training as there have been updates to the process for the 2020-2021 school year.


The attached document will serve as guidance to teachers in your building who have taken on additional sections of classes due to long-term absences or vacancies.  Please only provide this information to those teachers who this applies to.  If this does not apply to you at this point, please keep this as a reference if the situation does arise.
Also, grade cards have been placed in the mail.


Virtual 5K
running turkey
There is still time to sign up for our Virtual 5K!

You can Sign up here!

If you don’t sign up you can’t be counted—and you don’t get one of the great prizes for finishing the race.  Don’t forget the school with the highest percentage of staff who complete the 5K will win a big prize for your school and have major bragging rights.

Concerned about Covid-19? Please note we are not asking you to do this event as a group. You can do it by yourself, with your family, using your home treadmill, or you can even map out a 3.1 mile course around your home and take part.

Please note, that this race is also a way for us to not only support a healthy lifestyle but also help out a great organization. If you are interested we ask that you consider making a donation to the United Way at the time of your sign up. This is not mandatory to take part.  If you do decide to donate the link is in the registration form.  Once you complete your donation, you will still need to return to the google form to complete and submit your registration.

Additional information on how it works is in the attached document.

Please contact Stephanie Faris with any questions.

Friday, November 13, 2020

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Canvas Leadership Update

Curriculum and Instruction

Audience: ALL Principals 
Title: 2nd Quarter Daily Minutes for Remote Learning

Many of you are wondering if we will need to increase the amount of daily learning time from 360 minutes to 385 minutes to meet KSDE’s required 1116 hours of seat time.  Bridgette Desmet and I reached out to the state to seek more information. Here is the information that was shared with us:

Question: Are we able to claim a traditional length of day as long as we live stream and/or have meaningful contact?  Our traditional day for students is 385 or more after taking out time for lunch, etc. 

KSDE Response:

The short answer is YES but make sure you are meeting the requirements for providing services to Remote Learners as outlined in Navigating Change:

For a Remote Learning student to be funded full-time, the student must participate in a minimum of six hours (360 minutes) of learning activity each day. This is the total of learning time in one day, not screen time (KSDE, Navigating Change).

For Remote Learners who are participating in their classes via live stream, you will take attendance as normal. Since students are engaged in those sessions, parents are assuring their students are participating in learning. Therefore, there is no need to collect a Parent Assurance form from them.

For Remote Learners who are NOT participating in their classes via live stream, you will need to have the following documentation:

  1. (Signed) Parent assurance document. If the parent refuses to sign, please document that fact (you can record/note it on the Parent Assurance document itself and date it and then have that on hand for your KSDE auditor.
    1. The Parent Assurance document helps families of Remote Learners understand the commitment needed to be successful as a Remote Learner and on it remind parents that you want them to call if they need to report their child as absent on any given day that the student would have been a Remote Learner. ​It may be beneficial to remind parents again to contact the school when they know their child/children will be absent and provide them with the school phone number again.
  1. Log of daily meaningful contact with the student (this means a phone call or interactive videoconference from the teacher).
    1. We will continue to document meaningful contact with students in Infinite Campus and place the students as Present in the system if meaningful contact was made. It is important that teachers continue keep a log of their previous and future meaningful contact with students. This information may be needed for auditing purposes.
      1. The A2A team shared this information with all attendance clerks/secretaries.

Therefore, we will continue to follow the KSDE’s Guidance of 360 minutes of learning a day for Remote Learners throughout 2nd quarter.

All Principals

RE: Fastbridge Data Conversations

In the next few weeks, buildings that opted into the Fall Fastbridge assessment window will be contacted by your Lead IC who serves as a member of our district Fastbridge training team. We want to assist building principals, coaches and leadership teams in accessing and reading the Fastbridge reports and provide support on how to use the reports to have student-centered data conversations. These are informal meetings to help determine which reports might be most useful to your building at this time. We will explore these reports together to consider what students may need instructionally through core instruction. Lead ICs will reach out soon as we grow together in learning more about our Fastbridge universal screener.

All Principals

RE: Student-Centered Coaching Books

Buildings will receive their copies of The Essentials Guide for Student-Centered Coaching in the next few days. We will send copies via interschool mail to buildings for principals, assistant principals, instructional coaches, and designated SPED staff.


Hats Off to Dr. Brooke Brutto. Dr. Brutto has already scheduled a Connector training for her entire building. It looks like Lindbergh is ahead in the race to win the building prize for the first to reach 25% of the teachers requesting a Connector session and sharing it with their students. Below are the steps to take to be next leader training all of your teachers on this awesome tool.

Step 1:

Email Brittany Verrette at bverrette@prepkc.org.  Send Brittany 2 or 3 different  90 minutedates & time periods that you can host the training. Brittany will find a time that works for her and block off that time.

Step 2:

Principals, instructional coaches and support staff should all plan on attending the training so they can share goals with the group, ask questions, and show teachers that the building and district support this initiative.

Brittany’s Goal is:

  • 90-minute training sessions with each elementary building
  • November, December, and January
  • all should be completed by Friday, January 29
  • school training sessions will be booked on a first email, first served basis

Remember: An easy way for your staff to begin with the Connector is by sharing a saved session with their students. There are thousands of saved sessions. The way for teacher’s use of the Connector to count toward our 100% goal is to actually schedule a session and share that with your students. Brittany will walk teachers through the process of requesting a session and the teacher will even have a host supporting the entire Zoom session to help if any need arises. It can’t get any easier than this.

The sooner you set your training the better!!


To begin testing the week of November 16th please ensure that ESL staff have shared testing schedule with Jacqueline Rodriguez. ESOL staff have a plan for safe return to buildings on their designated testing days. Testing days are organized by cluster to reduce the burden on parents with students in multiple buildings and to allow transportation in hardship. The testing schedule will be as follows: Mondays (Schlagle), Tuesdays (Harmon), Wednesdays (Washington), Thursdays (Wyandotte), and Fridays will be used for buildings with large number of students to test. The testing rotation will continue until we have screened all students able to complete the KELPA-p in person. Administrators will work with staff to adjust teaching schedule or provide coverage for on testing dates

Please remember that all in person services are subject to change as directed by the health department. The ESL testing plans is a working document and will be revised as we move forward with testing to ensure safety. The testing protocol can be found here.

Federal Programs

REQUIRED: General & Title IX Investigations Training for ALL BUILDING and DEPARTMENT Administrators

REMINDER: NEXT WEEK is the 2nd quarter investigations training for ALL administrators (principals, ALL assistant principals, department directors).  This training is a collaborative effort of the Human Resources, District Title IX and Legal Teams.

This training will focus on issue spotting, organizing and documenting investigations, and real-world scenarios to practice processing all types of student and staff employee misconduct. Additionally, updated and new Title IX forms will be reviewed.

Please click on the link below to sign up for your training session and to get the Zoom link to place on your calendar for your upcoming training session.  Please be sure to note the date/time of trainings on the bottom of each sheet, to ensure you sign up for the correct training!

Tuesday, 11/17/20, 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. – High School Admin Teams

Wednesday, 11/18/20, 12:00 – 2:00 p.m. – Washington/Wyandotte Cluster Elementary Admin Teams

Wednesday, 11/18/20, 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. – Middle School Admin Teams

Thursday, 11/19/20, 1:30 – 3:30 p.m. – Harmon/Schlagle Cluster Elementary Admin Teams

Human Resources

Above and Beyond Bonus 

This is a reminder that if you have any employees who qualify for the Above and Beyond Bonus but have not received payment, please have them submit an appeal form. Salary employees do not qualify for the Above and Beyond Bonus.

(Link to Form: https://forms.gle/rH7wm5FMHMticbEt7)


Extra Duty Board Agenda Items  

Due to the Thanksgiving break, we ask that all items for the December 1st agenda be submitted by 12:00 pm on Tuesday, November 17, 2020. This will allow us to comply with our deadline.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Ana.Perez-Sievert@kckps.org.

Student Services

KCTC Survey 

Our district utilizes the Kansas Communities That Cares (KCTC) Survey to gather information needed to plan prevention strategies and judge their effectiveness, measure the district’s social-emotional strengths and weaknesses, and provide data for our current KESA plan. Between November 2020 and January 29 2021, our district’s 6th, 8th, 10th, and 12th grade students will be participating in the KCTC survey and we are asking for your help in doing this. KCTC and KCKPS Flyer

Our timeline for implementing the KCTC survey:

  • November 2020
    • Provide communication to Middle and High School students
    • Coordinate KCTC Training with building representatives
    • Upload KCTC in Infinite Parent Portal
  • December 2020
    • Gather permission slips via Infinite Campus Parent Portal from all 6th, 8th, 10th, and 12th grade students
    • Start proctoring the KCTC as your school community feels ready and collects permission slips
  • January 2021
    • Continue to proctor the KCTC survey
    • The KCTC survey window closes January 29

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

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Curriculum and Instruction

All Principals

Diane Sweeney and Leanna Harris are coming to KCKPS (virtually) to provide professional learning on Student-Centered Coaching. The goal is to maximize our time with these ladies to enhance our instructional coaching framework to ensure positive coaching results in buildings.

Click here for the training schedule. Mark your calendars! Zoom links and Frontline links will be added soon.


Due to students not receiving in-person instruction and other challenges, the ESOL department is currently out of compliance with the state for prescreening students for services. While the ESL staff has worked diligently to screen as many students as possible virtually we still have a large number of students we need to be prescreened.

Beginning the week of November 16th the district will begin prescreening potential EL students using the KELPA-p or Prelas. This will require ESOL staff to return to buildings on their designated testing days. Testing days are organized by cluster to reduce the burden on parents with students in multiple buildings and to allow transportation in hardship. ESL staff may need to coordinate with other buildings in cluster to accommodate families with multiple children. The ESL staff may need to assess multiple grade levels in one testing appointment, i.e. family has students at both elementary and middle school so they would assess at one building during testing time. The testing schedule will be as follows: Mondays (Schlagle), Tuesdays (Harmon), Wednesdays (Washington), Thursdays (Wyandotte), and Fridays will be used for buildings with large number of students to test. The testing rotation will continue until we have screened all students needing to complete the KELPA-p. Administrators will work with staff to adjust teaching schedule or provide coverage for on testing dates.

Please remember that all in person services are subject to change as directed by the health department. The ESL testing plans is a working document and will be revised as we move forward with testing to ensure safety. The testing protocol can be found here.