Thursday, May 25, 2017


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Checking for Completion of Elementary Grades – for Elementary Principals
Classified Lump Sum Option – for Principals
End of Year Evaluation Closeouts – for All Administrators

New Items

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Checking for Completion of Elementary Grades

From Alan King
In previous years, elementary buildings were instructed to check grades to ensure that all domains of the report card have been addressed at least once within the school year. With the change of the elementary grading scale, we lost the cumulative property of our grading system. The cumulative property meant that all of the previous grades were calculated into the current grade. This made it easy in the 4th quarter for buildings to identify any domains that had not been assessed in particular areas.

Unfortunately, when we switched to the new scale, we were forced to abandon cumulative grading, causing us to lose the ability to see those gaps. There is not a report that clearly identifies across the year whether or not a standard has been assessed. As a result, buildings will NOT be expected to check for this.

Classified Lump Sum Option

From Jody Mitchell
The District has extended classified employees, who are scheduled to receive payment in July, the option of receiving a lump sum payout in June. Please note, this option is not available to all employees and notification was sent via email specifically to those on this payment cycle. This option provides employees their regularly scheduled June 30, 2017 pay check, along with their July checks as one lump sum payout (three checks would be included: 6/30/17, 7/14/17, and 7/31/17).
The email provided specific instructions on how to submit the form along with a deadline of Thursday, June 1, 2017. Late forms cannot be accepted due to payroll deadlines.

End of Year Evaluation Closeouts

From Sherry Samples
It is very important that as we approach the end of the school year, that all evaluations showing as incomplete in Talent Ed Perform for your staff are completed and the process marked complete before the staff member leaves for the summer or leaves the district. For any that still remain incomplete, Kathryn or I will be contacting you for reasons that I can submit with my end-of-year report.

As a reminder, staff may sign and comment on any internet accessible device including a Smart phone 24/7. The employee does not need to be on a district computer.

Overall, I am pleased to say that the completion rate for evaluations has improved dramatically this year and I heard from several employees that they truly appreciated their evaluation as expected.

Thank you for your efforts!