Wednesday, May 31, 2017


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School Information Needed – for All Principals
Department Information Needed – for All Administrators
Notices Regarding Students in Foster Care – for All Building Principals

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Contact Information Requested – for All Administrators

New Items

School Information Needed

From Mike Keener
There are a number of items we need from each school:

  1. While it’s a just a little after the end of the year, we need School Report Cards (or School Highlights). We need these for each school in the district.
  2. We need school supply lists for each school, so we can post them to the public website. We have recently received lists from Coronado Middle, Douglass Elementary, Frances Willard Elementary, John F. Kennedy Elementary, New Chelsea Elementary, Rosedale Elementary, and Welborn Elementary; we need all other schools’ lists.
  3. Any school with a uniform policy needs to update us on any changes from what we currently have posted on the public site (click here for the middle school uniforms list, and click here for elementary school uniforms list.). Please update us as soon as you can, so we can let the public know what they need before the next school year starts.

Contact Mike Keener if you have any questions.

Department Information Needed

From Mike Keener
Please go to the Staff Intranet, review your department’s individual ??webpage, ??related links, ??and documents (under “District Forms”), and let us know immediately of any changes to existing information (anything from basic page verbiage to contact information to forms with updated dates or contacts), as we want the site to be as up to date as possible. If you have any questions, please contact Mike Keener.

Notices Regarding Students in Foster Care

From Octavio Estrella
Over the last couple of weeks, some of you have received email notices regarding particular students in your building that are in foster care. These notices are part of a new KSDE process for communicating with school districts regarding changes in foster care placement. The subject line in these emails read: “Action Required: Potential Move of Child in Foster Care.” At this time, please DO NOT RESPOND to these emails. These emails are sent by the foster care service contractor KVC. They are intended to serve as initial notification that the foster care placement of this student may change and the student may be leaving your school. It also meant to inform you that you should begin to compile all relevant educational records (transcripts, grade cards, attendance records, etc.) of the student.

In the near future, you may receive a second email notification once the new school has been identified. This second notification will be called “Educational Enrollment Information Form.” This will be followed by an official request for educational records sent by the receiving school. As the school of origin, you are required to send the educational records to the receiving school once you receive the request (this is the same as our current process). If a student has an IEP, please follow the current process by forwarding the request to the Special Education Department.

Once again, please DO NOT respond to these initial notifications. Octavio Estrella, Assistant Director of Student Services, will be serving as the point of contact for the district regarding students in foster care. If you have any questions about this process please email ( or call 627-4370.

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Contact Information Requested

From Melissa Bedford Fears
In an effort to keep everyone informed of important news, please take the time to provide Melissa Bedford Fears, director of communications and marketing, with the home and cell phone numbers, email address and home address of your department???s administrators and their executive assistants by Monday, June 5.

We anticipate communications may be needed throughout the summer regarding the school finance formula and want to make sure administrators receive this information and are able to forward it to individuals working within their departments/divisions.

Thank you for your help with this matter.

If you have questions, please contact Melissa at 279-2225.