Monday, August 27, 2017


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Outlook Upgrade – for All Administrators
Presidential Scholars Program – for All Administrators

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Library in the Park and DashKCK – for All Administrators

New Items

Outlook Upgrade

From Joe Fives
Outlook Upgrade Information PDF


From Shelly Beech
On Wednesday, August 30th all staff will receive an email explaining to them the change in the sign-on process for the AESOP system. This change is occurring because we are adding an additional FRONTLINE System called Professional Growth (formally known as My Learning Plan). This system will be our new system for tracking and monitoring our professional development activities in the district (no more blue sheets!) These activities will now be tracked for all staff including classified.

These two systems, AESOP and Professional Growth, are all under the FRONTLINE Platform and will be merged together for each employee to have access through a single sign-on: Username and Password.

Please share this email with your staff in order to make them aware of the upcoming change and the information being sent to their school district email about this matter. That email will provide instructions on how to create their new single sign-on Username and Password. This task will need to be completed by each employee. If at all possible, we highly recommend you provide ALL your staff with time to view the Simulation Course (Approx. 10mins) and How-To-Guide on Wednesday, August 30th during afternoon PD. Please be advised, the single sign-on transition will not be available until AFTER 1pm on Friday, September 1st.

Please be advised, this transition could impact the placement of substitutes for teacher absences. Because of this transition it is imperative that all staff make this single sign-on change in their AESOP accounts

We realize some employees may not have access to the technology to complete this necessary change.
Therefore, in order to help employees with these changes, Support Sessions will be held in the Central Office on the following dates from 11am-1pm and 3pm-5pm:
??? Tuesday, September 5th- Room 135
??? Wednesday, September 6th- Computer Lab- Room 268
??? Thursday, September 7th- Room 132
??? Friday, September 8th- Room 273

Presidential Scholars Program

From David A. Smith
The Presidential Scholars Program recognizes and honors high school seniors who have demonstrated high achievements academically or in the arts ??? some having to overcome special challenges or hurdles to do so.

High-achieving students who demonstrated excellence in career and technical education also can now be recognized through the Presidential Scholars in Career and Technical Education Program. This new program started in 2016.

These are two separate programs and require separate nomination forms.

To nominate a student for the Presidential Scholars program or the Presidential Scholars in Career and Technical Education program, a nomination form must be completed and submitted to the address indicated. Nomination forms may be accessed here:

Schools may only nominate four students from their school, two for each program.

Nominations must be postmarked by Oct. 6, 2017.

We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to recognize students in your school. For more information about the program, please call Tamla Miller at (785) 296-4950 or email her at

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Library in the Park and DashKCK

From Kim Woolery
The 3rd Annual Library in the Park will be September 9 from 10-2 pm at Big Eleven Lake. We???ll have local bands, a family movie on our big screen, and the big tent will feature the best movies, music, and television shows our staff recommends. The taco contest is also returning with 5 delicious taquerias around KCK. Katheryn Russell-Brown, author of Little Melba and Her Big Trombone, will be joining us for a book signing. Work up an appetite for the tacos at the DashKCK 5K at 8:30 that morning. All students 17 and under can participate for free. Visit and for more details.

Library in the Park Flyer

Dash KCK Flyer