Tuesday, December 18, 2018


New Items

Welcome Center Hours of Operation– for All Administrators
January 7 Half Day – for All Principals
Change in Field Trip Correspondence – for All Administrators

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ESOL Endorsement Opportunities and Reminder of KELPA Window Approaching – for All Administrators
December Impact 360 – for All Principals and Building IDP Reps
Placement of Students – for High School Principals

New Items

Welcome Center Hours of Operation

from Kristen Scott
The Welcome Center will be closed from December 18th through January 7th. Hours of operation when we re-open will be from 8:30-11:30 Monday through Friday.

January 7 Half Day

from Alan King
January 7 is a half day for any staff that is not on a 261 day calendar from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm. The intention of this day is provide schools with the opportunity to prepare for the second semester and be ready for students as they enter their second semester on January 8. Appropriate activities on this day include PLC meetings, work within individual classrooms, meeting within content or across contents to prepare integrated units, etc. The intention is not for a full half day of building-wide professional learning or staff meeting. Please check with your executive directors if you have any questions.

Change in Field Trip Correspondence

from Shameka Brown
After the beginning of the year, Debbie Baker, which is one of our Assistant Directors at Transportation, will be retiring. Mrs. Baker handled the assignments of scheduling field trips for schools and different departments within the district.

With her departing, we would like for all correspondence, in regards to field trips, to go to the email, field.trip@kckps.org. Sherri Tubbs and Shameka Brown will be the main contacts for any field trip concerns. The schools/departments will still do their normal routine and submit their request through their Field Trip System, we???re just asking for any, changes, inquiries, cancelations, etc, if it can be submitted to field.trip@kckps.org.

If this information can be communicated with those that submit deal will field trip inquiries within your building.

Shameka Brown and Sherri Tubbs, can be reached at 913-627-3100.

Previous Items

ESOL Endorsement Opportunities and Reminder of KELPA Window Approaching

from Kristen Scott
We will again be offering the ESL Praxis Practice Sessions to certified staff who are interested in earning their ESL endorsement by taking the Praxis exam. At the end of this message there is a link that we would like for you to send out to staff so they can sign up for sessions if they are interested.
There will also be an application process in the Spring for the next cohort of 20 teachers who can earn 15 graduate credit hours for free towards their ESL endorsement. As we approach that time more information will come out to all staff. But please feel free to pass this along to your teachers as well.

KELPA testing window will open February 1st, so you may want to locate the headphones with microphones that you will need for this assessment. David Rand and myself will be providing guidance to administrators on scheduling for KELPA, knowing that there is also a KAP interim to be given at the beginning of February.

If you have any questions about the information in this item please reach out to me. Here is the link for staff to sign up for the ESL Praxis Practice Sessions:


December Impact 360

from Sean DeMaree
New to the December edition, Impact 360 will highlight two Impact Leaders. These leaders were
nominated for their work towards building social-emotional skills with their students, co-workers or
community. If you have a teacher or counselor who you believe to be an Impact Leader, send their name and a short description of their work to Sean DeMaree, sean.demaree@kckps.org, and they could be selected as the Impact Leader in the next edition of Impact 360.
Impact 360 Newsletter PDF

Placement of Students

from Kristen Scott
This correspondence is to explain the placement of students in high school. When any student enrolls into our high schools they are to be placed in the grade level based on the number of credits they hold, not by their age. This especially applies to our EL and Migrant students who by state and federal guidelines can receive services through the age of 22. An appropriate plan can be made if a student may or may not desire alternative options, but this cannot delay or deny enrollment.
If you have any questions about this please reach out to your Executive Director, Lisa Garcia-Stewart or Kristen Scott.