Thursday, January 31, 2019


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Walk-in Alternative High School Intakes – for High School Administrators
February 6 Content Wednesday Now Building-Based – for Principals and Instructional Coaches

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Upcoming Science Professional Learning for Elementary Teachers – for Elementary Administrators
Last Day to Report for All Employee Types – for All Administrators
Surplus Inventory: First Come, First Serve! – for All Administrators
Impact 360 video – for All Administrators

New Items

Walk-in Alternative High School Intakes

from Donna Devine
Walk-in Alternative High School Intakes will take place at the Central Office on Tuesdays, February 19, 26, and March 5, 13 and 19 from 8 am to 4:00 pm.

Students under 18 years must attend with a parent or guardian.

Students will complete a reading assessment which can take 30 – 45 minutes. There will also be a 20-30 minute consultation with the Alternative Services Coordinator.

Upon completion of the intake, and receipt of a referral from the Alternative Services Coordinator, students may then contact the appropriate school to schedule an Orientation. Orientations will not be available on the same day as the Tuesday, walk-in intakes.

Students coming to KCKPS from out of district must also enroll through the Welcome Center which is open M-F 8 am to 11:30 am.(However, Alternative High School walk-in intakes will only take place on Tuesdays).

Students who want to complete an intake and attend an Alternative High School Orientation or meet with a representative from GED/Community Programs on the same day may do so on March 26. Information about the March 26th event will be provided early in March.

February 6 Content Wednesday Now Building-Based

from Alan King
Because of Wednesday snow days two weeks in a row and Family Advocacy Day coming up, the February 6 Content Wednesday will given back to the buildings for their own professional learning. Please reach out if you have any questions.

Previous Items

Upcoming Science Professional Learning for Elementary Teachers

from Teri Fulton
Please share this information about Science PL opportunities with your staff.

We are happy to announce two great partnerships for upcoming virtual K-12 science professional development opportunities. Many have reached out this year requesting Kansas Science Standards opportunities for district and building K-12 science leaders in your setting.

KSDE is partnering with the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) to provide an online science professional development opportunity for PK-5 elementary science educators in Kansas. This is a first come first served opportunity for up to 45 participants sponsored by KSDE.??

KSDE is also partnering with Missouri, Iowa, and Nebraska education departments to support K-12 science educators with a number of different topics that have emerged in each of our settings. We have learned collaborating across states can help educators grow their networks and find more resources.??

Graduate credit is available for both partnerships and??this would be a great opportunity for a number of different science education??needs I often hear working with buildings and districts across the state.

  • The online??studies??would be a??great opportunity for??building or district science task force/curriculum??leaders.
  • This opportunity is particularly helpful??for rural school districts where travel for professional development??may be more difficult.
  • Elementary??educators teaching science have special considerations and the NSTA partnership will help support this grade band in much more depth.
  • Learn how to better use the resources you have in your school district no matter how old or new they may be. PD is still needed to know how to make better use of those resources!

Please let us know if you have any questions.??Thank you for your consideration.

Last Day to Report for All Employee Types

from Jody Mitchell


186-Day Employees:??August 6, 2018 ??? May 24, 2019

189???Day Employees:??August 1, 2018 ??? May 24, 2019

196???Day Employees:??July 18, 2018 ??? May 24, 2019

211???Day Employees:??July 16, 2018 ??? June 7, 2019

216???Day Employees:??July 16, 2018 ??? June 14, 2019

221???Day Employees:??July 16, 2018 ??? June 21, 2019

226???Day Employees:??July 16, 2018 ??? June 28, 2019

231???Day Employees:??July 1, 2018 ??? June 21, 2019

261???Day Employees:??July 1, 2018 ??? June 30, 2019

Last day for students – May 23rd, the last day for teachers – May 24th if no emergency closure (make up) days are used. The Board reserves the right to change the calendar to respond to unforeseen circumstances.

Surplus Inventory: First Come, First Serve!

from JaNia Motley
The following surplus items (pictured) are available for re-use. To claim, please email Beth Porter directly at

  1. Two used volleyball poles

Impact 360 Video

from Sean DeMaree
Impact 360 is the district???s social-emotional newsletter and video that provides teachers, students and parents with information and activities to help build social-emotional skills. This month???s video focuses on helping our students relax and calm down in times when they are stressed, overwhelmed and/or upset. For more information on Impact 360, social-emotional skills or to read the monthly newsletter, follow the links below the video.