Friday, September 18, 2020

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College & Career Readiness

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Curriculum & Instruction

Elementary School Principals

Re: CKLA Resource (4th and 5th):
All building principals and assistant principals can access CKLA resources by clicking the orange Amplify tile in your Clever Account. If you do not see this tile, please email You can also go directly to the CKLA website at and click “Log in” under 2nd Edition Resources. You will use the Shared Access Username: MJXZR and Password: soft-loon9. More detailed information can be found here.

Re: F&P Building Accounts:
All building accounts are created and functional for EC, Elementary, Bridges & KVC. At the Elementary level, your IC knows your username and password. If you need your account information, please email These accounts can be shared with your entire building and allow for concurrent use, meaning more than one person can be signed in on more than one device at a time. Most buildings have the full suite of products connected. If your building is missing a product or two or more, I am working to get this issue resolved as quickly as possible. When F&P turned on the ability for concurrent use, they turned off the ability for each building to add their own products. Elementary buildings that also have an EC center, you will also be receiving Pre-K Shared Reading and IRA products on your accounts.

Print Shop

If you are not aware, the print shop can make directional wall/floor signs for your sites if you would like to support preparing your buildings for staff/students.

We are getting many inquiries through the Shop/Storeroom; you can order directly through the Print Shop as they would normally order a print job.

Student Services

Bullying Prevention and Awareness from KSDE- This year’s theme is “Choose Peace.”

By joint resolution, the Kansas State Senate and the Kansas State Board of Education, have declared the first full week in October as “Anti-Bullying Awareness Week.” This year the week would start on Oct 5th. However, if that date doesn’t work for schools they are encouraged to recognize the need to address bullying when it would work for them as well as follow-up throughout the school year.

KSDE Bullying Page will have great resources added regularly, so you and your school team should check back for ideas, resources, and information. Other resources shared by KSDE can be found here.

Recognizing Anti-Bullying Awareness Week and Bullying Prevention Month via activities, resource share outs to staff, and communication with the community are GREAT to add to your Bullying Prevention Site Action Plans, which are due by October 31st. Please complete your site action plan in the google doc labeled for your building.

Systemic SEL On-Demand Webinar

“Integrating SEL to Connect, Heal and Recover: Lessons Learned from District Leaders”
Learn from district leaders about the systems of supports for SEL they put in place to support educators, to re-engage and connect with students and parents, and to create a foundation for learning regardless of their environment.