Tuesday, February 23, 2021

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New reporting button coming to all district websites:

We just wanted to update you on some planned changes to the idea of adding a “Helping Hand” button to all of our district sites as a reporting tool through our Enough is Enough program.

After discussion with the KCKPD, KCKPS PD, and our social workers, we feel it will be best for the district to add a button to all of our sites that will link people to the P3 app.

P3 is an app that has been around for some time and is supported by the district, it is in our Parent Handbook, and is also the app the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department uses with the general public.

With doing this, the KCKPD plans to work more closely with our district and our social workers when reports specific to our students and their needs start coming in. This is also a way for us to not recreate the wheel.

Here is additional information on the app:  https://kckps.org/community-information/p3-tips-app/ .

Curriculum & Instruction

ATTN: Early Childhood and Elementary School Principals 

RE: Fountas & Pinnell Classroom Text Review Cadre

Please share this application for cadre work with ALL EC – 3rd grade teachers. The scope of the work is outlined in the application along with information regarding compensation. Applications are due Wednesday, March 3rd. 

ATTN: EC & Elementary School Principals

RE: Amplify Virtual Symposium – Built for These Times: Making the Shift to the Science of Reading

Amplify is hosting a free virtual symposium March 4th from 10:00am to 4:00pm CST. Speakers include Dr. Louisa Moats, Natalie Wexler, Dr. LaTonya Goffney, Dr. Carolyn Strom, Dr. Pamela Snow, DeJunne’ Jackson, Dr. Bruce McCandliss, Margaret Goldberg and Lani Mednick (The Right to Read Project), Dr. Jan Hasbrouck, Dr. Todd Davis (Aldine I.S.D.), and Janise Lane (Baltimore County Public Schools). If you cannot attend live, those who register will receive access to the recordings. This is a free opportunity for administrators, instructional coaches, and teachers who are interested. If you have any questions, please email allison.rice@kckps.org 

ATTN:  EC – 5 Principals  

RE: Elementary Module 3 Mandatory Dyslexia Training 

The resources for the KSDE/KCKPS Mandatory Dyslexia Module 3 (last module of this year’s dyslexia series) was posted to Canvas on February 19.  It is recommended that this module be provided for teachers through PLC or building PL prior to Spring Break. 

Attendance/completion for this professional development should be recorded in Frontline by the IDP rep in each individual building after teachers complete the training and the exit slip.   

Frontline and exit slip completion records are used as data for KSDE.  

This is the Canvas link to enroll for Module 3. This provides: 

  • Recorded professional learning session for Module 3 
  • Participant Google slides.  These slides must be accessed from the KCKPS Google account and all participants will be asked to make their own copy of the slides in order to take notes and access links during the recorded training session.  The required exit slip (used for attendance/completion) at the end of the training. 

Please contact Tracy Cooper (tracy.cooper@kckps.org) with any questions. 

ATTN: All Principals

RE: Student-Centered Coaching Reminder

Just a reminder that instructional coaches will participate in Session 6 with Leanna Harris on Thursday, February 25th from 8:30 – 10:00. Principals are highly encouraged to attend. 

SESSION 6: Strategies for Reflective Dialogue

  • Explore the qualities of effective listening
  • Understand the difference between clarifying and probing questions

Homework for coaches: 



Meeting ID: 860 4918 2466

Passcode: Kckps

As a reminder, all information and resources for these sessions is also available in the Canvas course ~ enroll here.


  • This is a reminder that the FastBridge winter window closes on Feb. 26.
  • Please indicate your Interim #3 testing decisions by Feb. 26 as well.  As a reminder the testing window is from 3/8 – 3/19, but that last week of the window is our spring break.


KELPA Assessment Update:

DOUBLE SCORING To meet federal reporting requirements, the KELPA program is required to get second rater scores for some students. A random sample of students in each district will be selected for a rater-agreement study. Students selected for the study will be double scored independently, depending on the scoring methods used in each individual school district. Scoring method for writing and speaking item also need to be entered into Kite educator portal.

  • Student responses selected for double scores need to have two scores that are independent of each other. That is, the two scores for a given item response need to be assigned by two independent scorers.
  • Scorers who participate in a pair/group scoring calibration activity and shared their thoughts on their scores assigned to a student response should NOT be considered as two independent scores.
  • Whenever possible, assign scorers using the same scoring method for the two scores. Rosters of students needing to be double scored are prepopulated in the Kite Educator Portal with an additional tab for the second score, called Second Rater. The list of students requiring a second rater for KELPA is now available to view in the KITE Educator Portal.
    • There are two options to view the list of students that need a second rater:
      • 1st Option: Log into Kite Educator Portal> KELPA> Scoring> My Scoring> Second Rater OR
      • 2nd Option:
  1. Go to Reports > Data Extracts > find the row for the Monitor Scoring extract and click New File.
  2. Fill in necessary dropdowns to get the file at the level of your choosing and click Ok
    1. Note: At the district level you can choose to run the extract for the entire district or a specific school.
  1. Click on the CSV icon and open the file
  2. Find the column for “Second Rater” (N)
  3. Students who have been flagged as requiring a second rater will be noted as “Yes”
  • KCKPS students needing double scored can be found on this spreadsheet. Districts that currently upload scores into Kite Educator Portal will use an updated spreadsheet where two scores for each student can be uploaded to Kite Educator Portal.

Human Resources

Transfer Window for Certified Staff 
The following information is being mailed out to all certified staff regarding the transfer window. Please join us during the HR Power Hour on Thursday, February 25 from 9:30 am – 10:30 am for additional details and to receive answer to any questions you may have.
Passcode: vMg3eP
The transfer window will be open from March 1, 2021 – April 2, 2021 
To be eligible for transfer, staff must:
Be a certified staff
Completed 3 years or more of service in KCKPS by the start of the 2021-2022 School Year
Have an active license for the position content/grade level you are requesting
To apply for a transfer:
Set TalentEd account to internal (instructions located in the FAQ)
Submit application
For more information and to view FAQs please visithttps://kckps.org/transfer-faq/

Instructional Technology

KCKPS Mobile Minute – Canvas learning, Minecraft EDU and more!

Student Services

SIT Coordinator Training 

Our building SIT coordinators will be continuing their monthly training on February 25th from 3-4pm. This month’s topic is all around data, where we will be learning  about Fastbridge, early warning indicators, and other types of data. As a reminder, all resources shared can be found in the SIT Building Coordinator Resource Folder for your convenience. Feel free to join us!