Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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Action Items

For All Principals

Free Online Summer Camps and Classes for All K-12 Students

from MTSS

Varsity Tutors is providing ALL K-12 students with access to free online camps and classes which will be available from June 6th – September 22nd. In order for students to access the camps and classes for free, they must login to Varsity Tutors through the app in Clever. All students, no matter if they were in Varsity Tutors, will have access to the app.

To support families and students with accessing Clever, it may be beneficial to share Clever login information with students before they leave school on Thursday. This may be especially beneficial for our younger students who use Clever QR codes.

For more information on this opportunity, please see these informational flyers.

End of Year Reporting & Infinite Campus Data

from Infinite Campus Support/TIS

Accurate reporting to KSDE for the 21-22 school year depends on accurate information in Infinite Campus. This file has the most critical and common items that must be completed listed in one file.

This document and additional support pages and videos can be found on the pages for Principals, Registrars, Attendance & Counselors on our internal IC Support site. You must be logged into your M account to access the site.

For Elementary Principals

Delivery of EC Summer School Supplies to Buildings

from Curriculum & InstructionPlease be on the lookout for shipments from FrogStreet containing Early Childhood summer school supplies. Schools should be receiving an email or phone call that these shipments are being prepared and should expect them to arrive within the next week. There will be two boxes delivered to each summer school site. As schools received these shipments, please set them aside and label them clearly for EC summer school. If you have any questions, please contact Ellen Bartels.

Informational Items

For All Administrators

KCKPS Mobile Minute End-of-Year Edition

from Curriculum & Instruction
Please click the link for the end-of-year edition of the KCKPS Mobile Minute. Contents include:
–Using Clever during the summer
–iPad and Chromebooks
–Canvas end-of-year

NEW Title IX Screened Entry Field in Infinite Campus Discipline Incident Portal

from Federal Programs

We’re continuing to tighten our Title IX frameworks in preparation for next year’s Civil Rights data collection. We’re also working to put in easy reminders for building administrators to ensure we’re screening all sexual misconduct behaviors through the Title IX process.

Beginning June 6th, a new feature will be added to Infinite Campus when entering behavioral incidents. On page 2 of the discipline incident portal, the building administrator will see a field that says “Title IX Screened.” Building administrators will be forced to select “yes” or “no” in the drop down menu before moving to the next screen.

This additional step will be a quick reminder to remember to screen incidents through Title IX, as needed. Additionally, we will be able to pull building and district reports for Title IX screened incidents at any given point in the school year.

Questions or concerns, contact Lisa Walker or Magdalena Mumphrey.

For All Principals

Submit SIPs in KansaSTAR this Week: 5/24-5/527

from Federal Programs

Just a reminder that all principals should submit their SIPs in KansaSTAR to KSDE this week between May 24th-27th.

Directions for Pre-Checking, Conducting Final Updates, and Submitting your SIP in KansaSTAR can be found in the Federal Programs shared drive folder: All Schools: School Improvement Planning Modules & Resources 21-22.

There are TWO DIFFERENT submission choices –
-Elementary/Middle Schools: Indicators of Effective Practices – (Title I Schoolwide Annual Submissions)
-ECH/High Schools/Alt Schools: Indicators of Effective Practices – (All Other Schools)

For Elementary Principals

Career Fairs Across KCK

from Diploma+
This spring 10 of your elementary schools have offered FANTASTIC Career Fairs to their students. Our counselors went above and beyond, having hybrid career fairs, with both in-person (or horse) and virtual presenters. These pictures  are from our incredible speakers and friends who joined us to teach our students about a few of the exciting opportunities that await them.


SIOP Institute and ESOL Professional Development

from ESOL
The ESOL Department will be offering summer professional development through the Summer Summit and Impact Courses. The catalogs are live, and staff can begin signing up. Links are below and we strongly recommend the SIOP Institute for teachers in your buildings. I also want to highlight the ESOL sessions that will be held.

KCKPS Impact Course 2022 Catalog
SIOP June 21, 22, 23 and July 11, 12, 13
KCKPS Summer Summit 2022 Catalog

  • Imagine Learning
  • Boosting Achievement with Dr. Carol Salva
  • Vocabulary Instruction for Multilingual Learners
  • English Language Development Course Dissection

Cheers to the Leaders!

from Diploma+

Cheers go out to the following buildings for reaching the goal of 100% of staff hosting a live Connector session BEFORE the end of April!! Way to go!!!

Eugene Ware
John Fiske
Stony Point South
TA Edison

We know that behind any great building accomplishment is a building an amazing leader!! Thank you to all our leaders!

To continue our great news! Remake Learning Days Math Week.

District Winners for the most minutes are:
Eugene Ware with 82,260 minutes!!
TA Edison with 57,828 minutes!

Honorable mentions go to:
Quindaro with 13,894
Frank Rushton with 10,839

We had a total of 655 families take part – on their own time- with the games and the district total of minutes played were 602,142. We rocked the math games.

30,076 games and stories were experienced with the average of 7 players per game and play lasting 1 hour! This is simply incredible and beats the national average!!

Checkout for Student Activity Accounts

from Risk Management

Friendly reminder that checkout for Student Activity accounts will occur on the following dates:

Elementary: Wednesday June 1st
Secondary: Wednesday June 8th

Initial communication with checkout list and school schedule was emailed May 4th to all building principals and secretaries/treasurers.
Questions? Please contact Griselda Garcia (Elementary) at 913 279 2148 or Lachelle Monroe (Secondary) at 913 279 2333.

2022-2023 Lunch Programs & Meal Applications

from Nutritional Services
School nutrition funding comes from the USDA and over the last two school years, schools throughout the country have been able to provide free breakfast and lunch to students through a pandemic relief waiver. That waiver has now expired which will now require the department to charge students for their meals. Fortunately, all sites in USD 500 participate in either Grab & Go or Breakfast in the Classroom which allows us to still serve our students free breakfast. Lunch charges will be based off eligibility that comes from the meal applications. Meal applications will be available in July, and we encourage every household to fill out an application as soon as they are available. For clarification, the universal free lunch program will no longer exist for the 2022-2023 school year.

KCKPS Staffing Process Sheet for Annual Spring Budget Planning & Meetings

from Federal Programs

Any staffing position included in the building budget must be an existing district approved position with an existing district approved job description, and district approved compensation scale for the following school year.

Position titles and/or job descriptions of staff included and approved in the building budget cannot be changed (during the summer or following school year) to something different than what was discussed and approved during the spring budget meetings. (Titles and actual duties must remain consistent with district approved job descriptions and associated district approved compensation scales.)

Additional positions cannot be added and charged to the budget after the spring budget meetings (during the summer or following school year), without first discussing with Federal Programs, Human Resources, and Finance departments.

Any newly created positions must be vetted and approved through the Human Resources Department and the principal must provide the approved job description from the Human Resource Department, as well as the approved compensation scale for the new positions. Positions cannot be added (even as a projection) in the building budget, unless they’ve been vetted and approved through the Human Resources Department.

Grades 3-5 Student Survey 2022 Data in KansaSTAR Folders

from Federal Programs

Your school’s Student School Climate Survey (Grades 3-5 Spring 2022) have been loaded into your KansaSTAR School Improvement Plan folders.

Please look under the NEEDS ASSESSMENT DATA (Surveys) folder and then click on the student survey subfolder to find your school’s 2022 data.

The report contains aggregate data, as well as disaggregated reports by grade level and race/ethnicity. You will want to pull this data into your data review cycles with your BLT and PLCs as you conclude this school year and make plans for 22-23!

Questions, contact Lisa Walker.

Directions for Submitting SIPs in KansaSTAR, May 24th-27th

from Federal Programs

All principals should submit their SIPs in KansaSTAR to KSDE between May 24th-27th.

Directions for Pre-Checking, Conducting Final Updates, and Submitting your SIP in KansaSTAR can be found in the Federal Programs shared drive folder: All Schools: School Improvement Planning Modules & Resources 21-22.

There are TWO DIFFERENT submission choices –

  • Elementary/Middle Schools: Indicators of Effective Practices – (Title I Schoolwide Annual Submissions)
  • ECH/High Schools/Alt Schools: Indicators of Effective Practices – (All Other Schools)

Still have some additional work to do in order to move your School Improvement Plan categories to Approaching or Transforming? Here are two SUPER quick videos that will show you how!

Contact Lisa Walker or Kacie Olson if you need to phone a friend for SIP advice!