Wednesday, June 1, 2022

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Checkout for Student Activity Accounts

from Risk Management

Friendly reminder that checkout for Student Activity accounts will occur on the following dates:

Elementary: Wednesday June 1st
Secondary: Wednesday June 8th

Initial communication with checkout list and school schedule was emailed May 4th to all building principals and secretaries/treasurers.
Questions? Please contact Griselda Garcia (Elementary) at 913 279 2148 or Lachelle Monroe (Secondary) at 913 279 2333.

KCKPS Staffing Process Sheet for Annual Spring Budget Planning & Meetings

from Federal Programs

Any staffing position included in the building budget must be an existing district approved position with an existing district approved job description, and district approved compensation scale for the following school year.

Position titles and/or job descriptions of staff included and approved in the building budget cannot be changed (during the summer or following school year) to something different than what was discussed and approved during the spring budget meetings. (Titles and actual duties must remain consistent with district approved job descriptions and associated district approved compensation scales.)

Additional positions cannot be added and charged to the budget after the spring budget meetings (during the summer or following school year), without first discussing with Federal Programs, Human Resources, and Finance departments.

Any newly created positions must be vetted and approved through the Human Resources Department and the principal must provide the approved job description from the Human Resource Department, as well as the approved compensation scale for the new positions. Positions cannot be added (even as a projection) in the building budget, unless they’ve been vetted and approved through the Human Resources Department.