Tuesday, April 26, 2016


New Items

Reporting and Ending Dates REVISED – for All Administrators
Sack Lunch Requests – for All Building Administrators

Previous Items

Purchase Order Closing – for All Administrators

New Items

Reporting and Ending Dates REVISED

From Gail Taylor
Based on the 2015-2016 Furlough Days, listed below are the Last Work Dates for staff.
Administrators, please advise your respective staff of the changes.

Work Year Report Date Last Work Date
186 Days August 04, 2015 May 20, 2016
189* July 30, 2015 May 20, 2016
196# July 27, 2015 May 27, 2016
206 July 13, 2015 May 27, 2016
211 July 13, 2015 June 03, 2016 May 31, 2016
216 July 13, 2015 June 10, 2016 June 7, 2016
221 July 13, 2015 June 17, 2016 June 14, 2016
226 July 13, 2015 June 24, 2016 June 21, 2016

October 23, 2015 and April 22, 2016, are non-duty days for all less than 12-month staff.

May 20, 23, 24, 25, 26, 2016 are Make Up Days (if necessary).

*New teachers
#Campus Officer
(NOTE ??? Staff working extra day contracts must consult with their Administrator for start and end dates)

Sack Lunch Requests

From Josh Mathiasmeier
It is field trip season again in KCK. Please ensure that your nutritional needs are met for the field trips by using the Nutritional Services Request Form on the intranet. Sack Lunch requests should be turned in at least 2 weeks ahead of time to ensure we have the product in house.

Previous Items

Purchase Order Closing

From Robert Young
Attn: Budget Administrator???s & Treasurer???s

2015-16 Purchase Order Closing ??? Purchasing Office

The Business Office has previously advised that the Board meeting on May 24th will be your last opportunity to have bills paid from this years??? budget.

PLEASE DO NOT WAIT until that date to bring invoices to Purchasing ??? due to the heavy volume of invoices coming through our office at this time of the year. Please continue scanning your invoices to Purchasing weekly. We need a clean Open PO report for this year end process to go smoothly. It is our goal to have all invoices that have been sent to us entered into B+ before checkout. For those last minute invoices, we need to have them in our hands no later than WEDNESDAY, MAY 18th by Noon.


As you know, we are now holding PO???s open only 90 days. In order to help you get prepared for check out this year, following are some helpful steps that you should be addressing now:

?? Run your KCPO5001 Open PO Report in Business Plus. This is a list of all PO???s in PP (partial paid) or PO (not used) status.

?? On each of those PO???s listed, you can drill down into the PO number and see your PO3001 Purchase Order Status Inquiry. Look under the ???Open Hold Activity??? section to see all the payments made on this PO.

?? If you find this is all correct, this PO can now be closed by sending a list to John or Mindy.

?? If you find you have an invoice/s that are NOT listed, please scan those over as soon as possible.

Note: By following this process every month, it will eliminate a big push at the end of the year; it will free up $$???s earlier for you to spend before the end of the year; it will help you find missing invoices earlier keeping our vendors happy, and it will eliminate searching old items when there is a change in the Treasurer???s position.


*** It???s been brought to my attention that some users are finding these emails are going to spam. Please check and ???white list??? emails from WF Prod. ***

It is your responsibility to address all the error emails you are getting from B+. These message are in reference to invoices that have been entered to pay, but cannot be paid because of an issue with receiving, quantity, amount etc???. The email states you may need to call Chelle or Griselda to clear up those errors. Any invoices remaining unpaid because of errors after the May 24th Board will be sent back to you for a new PO out of your 2016-2017 budget.


You should be able to turn in your May statement at check out (and any older ones, too) to be paid from this years??? budget. The May billing cycle will end May 18, 2016. Please contact Wayne Correll by email wayne.correll@kckps.org to request your statement, if necessary. Charges that appear on your June Visa statement will need to be paid from FY2016-2017 funds.


You should be able to turn in your April mileage (and any older ones, too) to be paid from this years??? budget. May mileage will need to be paid in July with next year funds.


We have asked Transportation to make sure their billing is up to date. Please contact Debra Myers @ sherri.tubbs@kckps.org if you find you are missing invoices prior to the May 18th invoice cut-off. We understand they bill monthly so you should be able to pay your April invoices by the May 18th cut-off. You should plan to pay May fees in July since the billing may not be done in time.


You should check to make sure you don???t have any invoices with Nutritional Services that are unpaid. If you find you are missing an invoice, please contact nicole.jeffries@kckps.org.


You should check to make sure you don???t have any invoices with our maintenance Shop that are unpaid. If you find you are missing an invoice, please contact kim.thrasher@kckps.org.


Please check in Business Plus under Create Warehouse Orders (SIOEUB) to verify all your Print Shop orders all show in ???FL??? status. If not, please contact loni.elrod@kckps.org to get your orders pushed through.

All of this said, our Purchasing team will work with you to make sure all invoices are posted in B+ prior to our meeting this year. YOU can help with this now by turning in your invoices timely. John and Mindy plan to sit with each school and go over the Open PO Report in detail until all issues are resolved and agreed upon; Chelle will be available for A/P research; Wayne will be available for VISA help. We may even request that you and your administrator sign off as we have in the past. Any invoices that come in after the May 18th should be expect to be paid from 2016-17 budget and will be sent back to you.