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Back To School Fair – School Supplies – for All Principals(Pre-K-12)
Timesheet Deadlines – for All Staff
Google Cardboard Pilot Opportunity! – for Elementary Principals and Assistant Principals

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Back To School Fair – School Supplies

From Lisa Garcia
We are gearing up for the 2016 Back To School Fair. It is essential to provide our students the supplies necessary to be prepared for the first day of school. The BTSF committee works diligently to secure backpacks and school supplies. The BTSF committee needs a comprehensive list of school supplies pre-k through 12th grade. Please send your school supply list to by Tuesday, May 3.

Thanks in advance,

Timesheet Deadlines

From Kristen Woodbury
Due to the District HR / Payroll software conversion we are currently running payroll in two systems. So from now on and going forward, we need to adhere to the timesheet deadlines outlined below.
Starting with the May 13, 2016 payroll, the following deadlines will be enforced and manual checks will no longer be cut between payrolls for late timesheets.

Timesheets- MUST be entered by the employee on time and approved by supervisor on time in order to be paid on the next payday. Please follow these guidelines:
??? Staff ??? Input your time by the close of business on payday. If you work the 1st through the 15th, input your timesheet at close of business on the 15th, in order to be paid on the end of month payroll. Similarly, if you work the 16th through the end of month, input your timesheet at close of business on the last day of the month, in order to be paid on the 15th.
o Also be aware it is your responsibility to make sure your supervisors and budget managers approve your timesheet, you are able to follow the approval process in the timesheet system.
??? Supervisors ??? Approve timesheets by one day after payroll. Timesheets input by your staff on the 15th or last day of the month (per above) should be approved by you no later than close of business on the 16th or the 1st.
??? Budget Managers ??? Approve timesheets by two days after payroll (ie. the 2nd and the 17th)
All timesheets not input and approved by the above dates are subject to delay in payment to employee. Employees who have payments delayed due to late approval by a supervisor or budget manager will be referred back to supervisor or budget manager for explanation.

??? ALL timesheets MUST have an account number attached to them before they reach payroll or they will be returned. If you are approving timesheets as the budget manager (ie. the person paying the costs) please be sure the account number is present and accurate on the timesheet before approval. If you are a supervisor, but not a budget manager (ie. someone else is paying for the cost), be sure to route the timesheet to the budget manager when you approve the timesheet.
??? ALL timesheet payments MUST be approved by the Board PRIOR to the work occurring. Contact your Human Resource Director to process the approval.

Thank you,
Dr. Kelli Mather, Chief Operating Officer and Connie Brand & Kristen Woodbury, Directors of Finance

Google Cardboard Pilot Opportunity!

From Amanda Kain
Good Morning,

We have an exciting opportunity to share with you regarding a pilot program! Using Google Cardboard and Kindle Fires, students will have the opportunity to experience virtual field trips and learning that would otherwise not be possible. The selected school will receive 35 Kindle Fires and Google Cardboard virtual reality sets; with these resources, one school will have the ability to have three virtual reality sets that teachers can check out for use in their classroom.

Using the cardboard, students can engage in a variety of learning experiences to support their understanding of STEM content. For example, using the Titans of Space app, students can take a virtual tour of the solar system, supporting 1st and 2nd graders as they explore Earth???s place in the universe. 3rd graders might use Polar Sea??360, The Wild Within, or Discovery VR to explore the world as they learn about ecosystem interactions, energy, and dynamics. As our elementary students learn about engineering and solve engineering problems, they will have the ability to virtually explore structures, buildings, and cities. As new virtual reality apps are being developed all the time, our students will have increased opportunities to explore the world. Watch this quick clip for more information about Google Cardboard:

If this sounds like something your school would be interested in doing, please apply using the link below by the end of the day on Friday, April 29th:

The selected school will be notified next week, with arrangements for training and ongoing support for classroom instruction integration being made at that time.

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