Friday, August 26, 2016


New Items

ELPA Update??- for Principals
Surplus Furniture/Equipment??- for All Administrators
KCK Literacy Festival-Book Battle Coach/Team Sign-up??- for K-12 Building Administrators
Bond Referendum??- for All Principals

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Special Education Staff Resignations & Recommendations for Hire??- for Principals
Social Work Services??- for All Administrators
Deadline and Guidelines for the Administrators’ Notice??- for All Administrators

New Items

ELPA Update

From Kristen Scott

We have learned from KSDE that the ELPA results will not be available to us until October. We have communicated to your ESL staff that they are to continue with current ILPs, and create ILPs on new students.
Also, the K-ELPA window for this year will be February 1-March 10. It is the same assessment as last year, delivered online, but it will be administered through KITE this year. There will also be two sections, speaking and writing, that will have to be human scored. As soon as KSDE provides us with information on training for scoring we will communicate with you and your ESL staff.
If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me.

Surplus Furniture/Equipment

From Robert Young
All requests to have excess furniture or equipment removed from you building/department should be directed to the Purchasing Department. If you have items for which you no longer have a need, the Purchasing Department will make arrangements for the movement of these items. Free surplus furniture/equipment will be posted out to all buildings/departments by the Inventory Specialist as a part of this process. This inventory will then be auctioned if there is no need within the organization. This will allow for the proper tracking of fixed assets within the District, which in turn assists record keeping relating to insurance, etc. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

KCK Literacy Festival-Book Battle Coach/Team Sign-up

From Suzie Legg
Please see the included flyer for information on signing up your school team for the annual Book Battle. Please forward to your school Book Battle Coach to sign up your team.
Flyer PDF

Bond Referendum

From David A. Smith
As we begin our push for the November 8 bond referendum, we need individuals from each building who can work to get information out to their school community in order to support passage of the bond. Can each of you send me the name and contact information for both a staff person and a parent whom we could invite to be a part of our bond effort? Thank you in advance for your help.

Previous Items

Special Education Staff Resignations & Recommendations for Hire

From Michelle Colvin
All resignations from special education staff need to be emailed to Michelle Colvin. Michelle will complete the ATF since special education staff is paid out of a special education budget. Also, please cc: Michelle Colvin when recommendations for hire are made for Special Education Staff. This will enable her to keep track as vacancies are filled. Please call Michelle at (913) 627-2614 or email her at if you have any questions. Thanks for your assistance.

Social Work Services

From Michelle Colvin
This year there will be some changes to counseling services and social work duties and services. The changes outlined will be in place for students in early childhood settings through middle school. The changes will not affect high school through age twenty-one.

Counseling Services will be delivered by the special education teacher except for students receiving counseling services in center-based classrooms. Center-based classrooms include lifeskills, intensive support, STEPS, and ED.

We will begin identifying students as being eligible for social work services, rather than counseling services. Some students may continue to have counseling services on their IEP, but those students??? counseling services will be provided by the special education teacher.

Social workers will be using an eligibility procedure based on multi-tiered systems of support.

Social workers will be begin consulting with special education teachers immediately to assist teachers in planning and implementing counseling services. Social workers will be in contact with special education teachers this week to set a time to discuss students with counseling services.

The attached FAQ document should help clarify the social workers??? role with counseling services and their continued role in identification.

Thank you for your support as we align the provision of social work services with evidence-based practices.

Social Work Services FAQ (Word Document)

Deadline and Guidelines for the Administrators’ Notice

From David A. Smith
Just a reminder about the deadlines and guidelines for the Administrator???s Notice.

The deadline is 4:30 p.m. each day for items that need to be published the following day. Anything submitted after 4:30 p.m. will automatically be pushed to a publication date of two days later. For example:

?? Items submitted BEFORE 4:30 p.m. on a Monday will be published in the Tuesday Administrator???s Notice.
?? Items submitted AFTER 4:30 p.m. on a Monday, will be published in the Wednesday Administrator???s Notice.

The system is set up to automatically post whatever is submitted BEFORE the deadline.

News submitted can only run for a total of five school days. However, please remember that all news published is archived and will remain on the website (and is searchable for any staff to find).