Thursday, June 8, 2017


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Contact Information Requested – for All Administrators

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ESI Report??(Update) – for All Principals
Last Day for Administrators for 2016-17??- for All Administrators

New Items

Contact Information Requested

From Melissa Bedford Fears
In an effort to keep everyone informed of important news, please take the time to provide Melissa Bedford Fears, director of communications and marketing, with the home and cell phone numbers, email address and home address of your department???s administrators and their executive assistants by Monday, June 12.

We anticipate communications may be needed throughout the summer regarding the school finance formula and want to make sure administrators receive this information and are able to forward it to individuals working within their departments/divisions.

Thank you for your help with this matter.

If you have questions, please contact Melissa at 279-2225.

Previous Items

ESI Report

From Bridgette DeSmet
This is a reminder that the completed ESI Report (Seclusion/Restraint) covering the dates of 12/01/16-06/01/17 for your building is due to Bridgette DeSmet no later than 06/08/17. Please email me if you need another copy of the spreadsheet. Thank you.

Last Day for Administrators for 2016-17

From Amy Jo Troyer
Good Morning from HR!
Please note that the following will be the contracted end dates for each calendar grouping of administrators (and/or staff who may report to you). Any extra days you or your staff are responsible for would be in addition to this date. Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to HR at 913-279-2262.

211 Days ??? June 8, 2017
216 Days ??? June 15, 2017
221 Days – June 22, 2017
226 Days ??? June 29, 2017

In planning ahead for next year, please note that the start date for all Administrators for the 2017-18 school year will be July 17, 2017.