Thursday, January 24, 2019


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FA Interpreter Request – for All Administrators
2019-20 Middle & High School Class Registration/Enrollment for Current & Level-Up Students – for High School and Middle School Principals
Graduation Information and Procedures – for High School Principals
Postponement of Math Relays – for All Administrators

New Items

Previous Items

FA Interpreter Request

from Rosie Rodriguez
It???s that time of the year to submit your interpreter requests for Family Advocacy Days. Here is the link for your requests. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

2019-20 Middle & High School Class Registration/Enrollment for Current & Level-Up Students

from Lisa Stewart

Current KCKPS students in middle and high schools and our district???s students entering these grade levels will need to select their courses and enroll for the upcoming school year. It is important for our students to participate in this process to make sure they have an opportunity to enroll in the classes of choice, especially those KCKPS students transitioning from elementary to middle schools and middle to high schools for the first time.

  • Registration period: February 1 ??? 22, 2019 (This will happen during the student???s Family Advocacy class. Additional information will come from your child???s school.)
  • Place: Student???s current school
  • Registration Assistance: High school students will register with their school advocates. Middle school students will register with their counselors.

Please make sure your child has a Student Portal through Infinite Campus. If they do not, please contact your student???s school advocate or counselor for assistance.

Questions about enrollment and registration? Contact your child???s school counselor.

Graduation Information and Procedures

from Lisa Stewart

(This all may not apply to Alternative Schools.)

The following recommendations for commencement are suggested for use this year:

  1. Principals and teachers are urged to keep the seniors on a full schedule through their last required day of attendance (May 15th , 2019)
  2. The names of all possible graduates must be sent to the office of Student Services on or before Wednesday, February 6th, 2019. Please turn in all possible graduate names to keep from late ordering and having students wait extended time for diplomas.
  3. On 8 ?? x11 paper make at least three copies of the graduation list. The ORIGINAL and a copy are to be sent to the office of Student Services. Please keep a copy in your files. Diploma lists should be numbered and typed in upper and lower case letters, two columns on the page, double spaced, with names exactly as they are to appear on the diploma. Graduation list is be emailed to Mrs. Matthia Kelsey. A diploma is a legal document, Check for accuracy of spelling of the student???s complete name on the list because the original will be sent to the diploma company for printing the graduates??? names. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU DOUBLE CHECK THE SPELLING OF ALL OF THE NAMES BECAUSE REPRINTS WILL BE BILLED TO YOUR BUILDING.
  4. A copy of graduation program must be sent to the office of Student Services no later than Wednesday, March 6th, 2019. That is the week before Spring Break.
    1. Verify all names, student and staff
    2. Verify spelling of all names
    3. Mark honor students
  5. On March 6th, 2019, I will also need ticket numbers for your school and ticket colors that will be chosen for each school. I will send the order in that day so please be prompt. The printer will receive the programs by end of business day March 6th, 2019. Our Print Shop usually is very fast and will have them ready to proof by March 18th, 2019 (which is the day we come back from Spring Break). Any changes made at that time will be the final changes any reprints after this day will be billed to the corresponding building.


Event Date
Last Day for Seniors May 15th, 2019
Wyandotte Graduation May 18th, 2019
F.L Schlagle Graduation May 20th, 2019
Washington Graduation May 21st, 2019
J. C. Harmon Graduation May 22nd, 2019
Sumner Academy Graduation May 23rd, 2019
Gateway to College May 11th, 2019
500 Reach May 24th, 2019
Fairfax Learning Center May 17th, 2019

Postponement of Math Relays

from Alan King
For the previous 15 years, Math Relays has maintained a consistent vision and purpose. In those years, state standards and mathematics instruction has drastically changed. In an effort to align this event more closely to state math initiatives and the thinking needed for success in the 21st century, the Curriculum and Instruction Department has reached the difficult decision to postpone this event until next school year. Our concerns were shared with previous Math Relays coaches to gather feedback, opinions, and possible solutions to the obstacles we face. The feedback received informed our decision to utilize the remainder of this school year to rebrand Math Relays for 2020. We did not come to this decision lightly; however, the need to re-examine the vision of the event, the support personnel and resource transitions within the district, and the alignment of math relays content to new state standards makes this decision necessary. We will reach out to previous coaches to begin revising Math Relays by the end of January. Building leadership teams will be included on that communication. If you have any questions about this work, please contact:

Alan King (
Joey Jewett (
Matt Andersen (
Julie Leach (
Suzie Legg (
***include each person listed, on your email

We appreciate your contributions in the past and look forward to working with you at next year???s event.