Wednesday, February 17, 2021

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Hello Educator!

This past year has been difficult at best. You and your colleagues have had to transition from your normal teaching practice to remote learning, setting up new lesson plans, devising and recording instructional videos, preparing materials, and finding new ways to check in on and connect with your students. And all of you have done this while juggling the effects of COVID-19 on your family and personal lives as well. You are all frontline heroes. At FOX4, we applaud each and every one of you. To provide you support FOX4 and Bayer have created a weather and science lesson for these trying times.

Beginning in January 2021, we are excited to announce that FOX4 will be delivering its award-winning school program, FOX4 School Day, directly to Kansas City Metro area students at their schools – virtually!

A FOX4 meteorologist will deliver a 30-40-minute interactive presentation focusing on science and weather, hands-on experiments, quiz questions, and a weather Q&A session. The materials will cover severe weather, weather safety, air pressure, how weather affects crops and our food supply, and much more.

We will present the program through Microsoft teams or Zoom. The presentation can be recorded to share with other teachers and schools in your district. Our meteorologists will share a clip of the presentation during newscasts, so please plan accordingly if you have students that cannot be on tv.

And, for teachers, Bayer’s Making Science Make Sense program will provide all supplies and instructions for teachers to implement hands-on STEM experiments for each classroom. The target is 5th graders, but if your 4th and 6th graders are interested in participating in the presentation, please let us know. Once taped, the presentation can be share with all grades and schools.

We are tremendously excited about delivering our new FOX4 School Day program directly to area schools, virtually, and can promise a fun, interactive experience!

What we need:

  • Scheduling: Please complete the questionnaire link at // and provide three dates and times that work best for your entire grade to participate virtually
  • Technology: A teacher or administrator to set up the virtual presentation through Microsoft teams or zoom, adhering to all school district guidelines. Our coordinator will share names and email addresses to invite the FOX4 meteorologist and Bayer representative
  • Hands-on experiments: Provide a physical school address, phone number and the number of supplies needed.

Thank you –

FOX4 Weather Team

Click Here to Register.

Curriculum & Instruction

Topic: Kansas MTSS Education Resource and Initiative Inventory

Audience: ALL School Administrators

Principals- Please review the communication below regarding the Kansas MTSS Initiative Inventory. Information about the Initiative Inventory was shared with you at our January 7th Administrator Meeting.  The following communication is being provided to you to share with your teaching staff. If you have any questions, please contact Matt Andersen ( and your IIO.

Message to Share

The Kansas City, Kansas Public School District is partnering with the Kansas Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) and Alignments Team to develop a framework that ensures alignment among all of the plans, systems, and initiatives within our district.  As an initial phase in this partnership, district leadership and Kansas MTSS and Alignment District Specialists are sending out the Kansas MTSS Education Resource and Initiative Inventory (KERII). The KERII is designed to determine what is taking place in the district and allows teachers to provide feedback to determine potential inefficiencies or focus areas in the system. Our ultimate goal is to use the data gathered from this inventory to determine what we need to expand within the system while creating a more efficient school district overall. 

What is an initiative?

Initiatives are strategies, programs, and resources that you use or are required to implement. These initiatives could include assessment, curriculum (academic or social-emotional), climate/culture, school improvement, social media, etc. Whether it’s a district, school, or classroom-based initiative, please list any when completing the survey.

Please use this link to access a short informational video on what the KERII is, how the data will be used, and how to complete the survey. When you are ready to begin, please use the following link: We appreciate your time to take this survey to provide the district with this vital information. 

The KERII survey will be open from Friday, February 12th until Friday, February 26th. 

Audience: ALL School Principals

As many of you are aware, the KCKPS Board of Education voted to approve the state waived 20-hours of professional development. The following dates have been selected to allow buildings the needed time for building- and district-based PD as well as time for teachers/PLCs to plan for instruction and provide necessary feedback to students. To ensure teachers can focus on PD and planning, the designated days will be considered Wednesday Early Release Days.

Wednesday, March 10 (PM 2-hr)
Wednesday, March 24 (PM 3-hr)
Wednesday, March 31 (PM 3-hr)
Wednesday, April 7 (PM 3-hr)
Wednesday, April 14 (PM 3-hr)
Wednesday, April 21 (PM 3-hr)
Wednesday, April 28 (PM 3-hr)

More guidance on the specific timeframes for each level as well as what professional development will be occurring on those dates will be coming out next week. We thank you for your patience and flexibility as we finalize the details.


Diploma+ Newsletter

Diversity & Inclusion

Frequently Asked For Resources
– here is our presentation from Feb 4th to accompany the checklist
Link for easier scheduling (anything you want to do can be scheduled here, ie- planning sessions with E&I, leadership group learning sessions, whole staff learning sessions, department sessions, etc)
Black History Month
​The last week of Black History Month (next week) we thought it would be great to have a day-by-day theme for classrooms and schools to use and have discussions around. We will do this the last week of every celebration month and gear our resources and discussions towards that specific group. This was Read Across America’s idea, we just modified it for our purposes.
Next week’s theme:
Monday (2/22)- Celebrating you, celebrate being Black
Tuesday (2/23)- Take Action, Black Lives Matter at School (
Wednesday (2/24)- Celebrating Black Voices
Thursday (2/25)- Differing perspectives
Friday (2/26)- Influential Black Americans

Student Services

Please note the new Class III Infraction the Board of Education approved. The online Code of Conduct has been revised to reflect the new Class III Infraction.

Class III –
Unsafe Conditions: Intentionally creating unsafe conditions, including not wearing face or mask coverings and/or not maintaining social  distancing, that put the health and safety of students, staff and other community members at risk, while on school property, during school functions, or at school sponsored activities. 

Please contact the Director of Student Services for any questions or guidance.
Progress Grades: Quarter 3- February 22-26, 2021

The following dates will be dedicated to sending home 3rd Quarter Midpoint Progress Reports:

The grading window for 3rd Quarter progress will open February 15th at 6:30 a.m. and close February 26th at 11:30 p.m.