Friday, August 20, 2021

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Incident Reports

If an incident happens at your school, please fill out the Incident Report form at this link as soon as possible from the time of the occurence.

Give them the link and say they need to report as soon as possible from the time of the occurrence.

Students of the Month

We know the school year is just getting underway but this is a great time to start identifying people in your class/school that are going above and beyond. Do you have a student that helped others on their first day? Excelling inside and outside the classroom? This is your chance to nominate them for Student of the Month. To do so, please follow this link.

For Central Office (and Non-School Buildings)

Please view your department’s pages on the website (which you should be able to find here), and let Mike Keener know if there’s anything that needs to be updated  for the beginning of the school year.

Enough is Enough Sign-Up

Principals,  please share this pledge page with your staff – and ask them to share it with students and parents.

Using This Year’s KCKPS Theme and News on T-Shirts

The Kansas City Kansas Public School District is happy to announce the 2021-2022 these years’ theme: Re•Bound Re•Imagine Re•New.

We encourage each and every one of you to use the new theme, however we do ask that you keep the brand standard the communications team has worked so hard to establish and keep a cohesive look across the slogan. When deciding to use Re•Bound Re•Imagine Re•New, please be sure to have the bullet point (dot) separating the Re and the remainder of the word.

In order to insert the bullet point in between the word, follow these instructions:

For mac: Hold down option 8.

For PC: Hold down ALT and press 0149 in that order. You do not need to hold the numbers down but will need to remain holding ALT down.

We also ask that when using our slogan for anything print (graphics, posters etc…) Please use the font American Type Writer. Again, this allows the brand slogan to remain uniform across the district and makes it easily recognizable to others.

AS FOR THE SLOGAN SHIRTS. We are happy to announce shirts will go on sale in various colors including a sweatshirt option. Portions of the money will go to supporting the United Way. More details to come in the coming weeks.

Our hashtag for this year has also changed to fit the new theme. Please use #KCKPSredefined on your social posts to show off the great stuff you are doing in your buildings. Please no longer use #kckpsontrack.


As we begin to approach the Fall administration window for FastBridge screening, please note the following guidance for the certification of teachers and staff who will be involved in those assessments:

  • Teachers who completed certification during the 20-21 do need to go through the module to refresh their understanding about each of the assessments they were certified in during the 20-21 school year.
  • Teachers who completed certification during the 20-21 school year will not need to “recertify” by taking the assessment. When they go to the certification part of the module it will already have results of PASSED; the system does not offer an option to take the certification assessment again once a teacher has passed.
  • Returning teachers who are responsible for administering assessments this year that they did not get certified last year would also need to take the module and certify in those areas. The CBMReading assessment is an example of one of the assessments that fit this category.
  • Any teacher coming to KCKPS from a different district will need to certify in our district.
  • Please refer to the FastBridge Staff Guide for more information and resources.
Note: Principals and Testing Coordinators have access to certification reports in FastBridge to assist buildings with tracking.

Human Resources

Please share this Orientation PDF schedule with your new hires.

Professional Workforce Development

District Content PD Locations/Links

ALL 9:00 Elementary School Principals

ALL Middle School and Sumner Principals,

  • Wednesday, August 25 is a District Content PD Day for 9:00 Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, and Sumner.
  • Please send the following link to all staff as a reminder for where they are supposed to be on Wednesday afternoon.  21-22 District Content PD – Locations/Links. Encourage them to bookmark this link – we will use the SAME link all year.

Mentor Program

ALL Principals,

Wednesday, August 25 is the first Mentor Training – for Mentors ONLY – Mentees DO NOT attend. (Principals, you do not need to attend either, I just copied you on the Calendar invite so you would have the information.)

  • 1:00-5:00 High School Mentors in the East Wing of Central Office
  • 1:30-5:30 Middle School and Sumner Mentors in the Boardroom of Central Office
  • 2:00-6:00 8:30 EC/Elementary Mentors in Room 131 of Central Office
  • 2:30-6:30 9:00 EC/Elementary Mentors in Room 132 of Central Office

If for some reason you have not completed the Mentor/Mentee Match for your school, please do so ASAP. The mentors will need to be notified of the training. 

21/22 Mentee and Mentor Match

IDP Reps

All Principals and Department Directors,

  • IDP Reps will need to virtually attend one of two trainings being offered on Zoom.
    • Monday, August 23 (3:30-4:30) 
    • – OR – 
    • Thursday, August 26 (4:00-5:00)
  • If you have submitted the name of your IDP Rep for the 21-22 school year, then I sent them a meeting invitation for both meetings. If you haven’t had a chance to submit your IDP Rep, please complete the following form ASAP.

Student Services

Attn: All Principals and Assistant Principals (Please share this information with your staff) 

Re:  KCK -Greenbush Virtual Academy 

Since announcing our partnership with the Greenbush Virtual Academy (GVA), we have received over 300 online applications. Enrollment has been ongoing since August 9th, and over 200 students have been “enrolled” in the GVA. PLEASE BE AWARE, that the GVA is a “virtual program” and not a “virtual school,” which means that students enrolled in a “virtual program” must remain enrolled in their school of attendance (or in a brick-and-mortar school) according to KSDE. This means that if a student from your building has enrolled in the GVA, they will remain enrolled in your building as well. They will be flagged with the “Virtual School” flag in Infinite Campus and a “Virtual School” flag will appear on their summary page, like this:   The student’s schedule will then be dropped so that they don’t receive an unexcused absences. PLEASE DO NOT UNENROLL A VIRTUAL STUDENT from you building.

KCKPS will provide all students who enroll in the GVA with a chromebook laptop. Greenbush has agreed to assist us in distributing the laptops to students as they complete their enrollment in the GVA. If you have a student or parent that contacts your building regarding their laptop, please refer them to the Greenbush Virtual Academy at (620) 724-7295 or they are welcome to visit their offices at 7704 Parallel Pkwy, Kansas City, KS 66112. (Please note that the current signage on the building says: “500 REACH”)

For middle school and high school students in the GVA, Kirstin Blocker and Linda Prior are academic coaches with Greenbush and will be contacting your counselors to obtain current schedules, transcripts, transcript analysis, and individual plans of study. This information will help with scheduling students in courses that are aligned to their graduation plan and Diploma + goals.

Since the GVA is a program and not a school, high school seniors who enroll in the GVA for the remainder of the school year will graduate from their home schools, and will be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony.

Finally, the application and enrollment deadline for the Greenbush Virtual Academy is set for Thursday, August 26 at 5:00 p.m.  

If you have any questions, please contact Octavio Estrella at (913)627-4370.

All Audiences -Principals, Assistant Principals, Registrars, Attendance Secretaries, Principal Secretaries

  1. Language Support 
    1. Front Desk Chromebook for Language Support are ready and on the way to you!

To facilitate communication with our non-English speaking families, we are providing each school with a  Chromebook that will be located at the main office for easy access to  language support. These are pre-programmed to be used for Propio One, our new on demand (live video) interpreter services. We are so excited about this additional resource, not just because it will assure we can support all families but will help us create a welcoming school environment. You should receive the following in the next couple of days:

  • Folder with instructions, QR for tutorial and the poster for the main office.
  • Pre-programmed Chromebook and Charger

We ask you to please keep this tool at the front desk and only use the live video interpreting for when families come to the building. You will also find the telephonic interpreting services (over the phone) information. For any other language support needs, please ask staff to follow the Language Support Guide or email