Wednesday, August 31, 2016


New Items

GEMS Migration??- for All Administrators
PACT Sessions??- for All Administrators
Meal Applications??- for All Building Staff

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ESI & De-escalation??- for Principals
Physics of Flight – FREE program??- for Middle School Principals
ELPA Update??- for Principals

New Items

GEMS Migration

From Sherry Samples
We have moved all licenses and credentials from the old HR system (GEMS) to the new Business Plus system. In doing so, like with any large transfer of data, things do not always translate correctly. As a result, we are asking that each employee with a license through KSDE (teachers, administrators, counselors, etc..) and those with licenses through other agencies such as nurses, verify the accuracy of the information on Employee Online. The information will appear under Job Information, Credentials, just below the paycheck stub section. If the information as it appears is NOT correct, send a copy of your license through either intradistrict mail or as an email attachment. It may be sent to Kathryn Zahn or me. Upon receipt the information will be updated and be viewable within two weeks. If the information as it appears is duplicated, please email us that information also and indicate what is duplicated.

Supervisors and principals, please forward this information to each of your employees. It is very important the credential information be correct. Failure to maintain a valid license for the position, according to the credential record, may impact the employment and benefit status.

PACT Sessions

From Rosie Rodriguez

The first PACT session will begin on September 12th from 6-8 at Coronado Middle School.?? You can follow your student’s progress by clicking on your schools link.?? This form will allow you to verify student’s progress and confirm completion of the PACT Program.?? If you have any questions, please contact the PACT Coordinator Rosie Rodriguez.

Argentine Middle School

Arrowhead Middle School

Central Middle School

Coronado Middle School

Eisenhower Middle School

Northwest Middle School

Rosedale Middle School

West Middle School

F.L. Schlagle

J.C. Harmon


Washington High School

Wyandotte High School

Meal Applications

From Josh Mathiasmeier
Cafeteria staff will be running reports for all buildings in order to discover which students have not submitted a meal application for this school year. In order for us to be able to offer free meals to our students and in hopes to extend that to high school in the near future, each student needs to submit a meal application every year. If you have any questions, please direct them to Nutritional Services Office at (913) 627-3900. Thank you for your assistance in completing this critical task.

Previous Items

ESI & De-escalation

From Michelle Colvin
Make sure all staff in your building receive training on De-escalation and ESI; also make sure staff know where to access the ESI forms and how to complete them.
De-escalation Techniques PowerPoint:
ESI Webinar is available on KSDE website:
ESI PowerPoint without voiceover:
Once all staff (including secretaries, custodians, etc.) have seen both the De-escalation & Emergency Safety Interventions webinar, please email or send the blue sheet to Michelle Colvin.

Physics of Flight – FREE program

From Jodie Lin
Physics of Flight – free for 7 teachers.

NASA grant award in collaboration with the Cosmosphere Space Museum

The grant will pay the district substitute pay for the day. All materials supplied.

OCTOBER 6,??10:00-2:00 at JCCC new collaboration center.

Your building is responsible for the bus if you take advantage of the opportunity.

To reserve your spot, contact Angel Mercier: Angel Mercier []

ELPA Update

From Kristen Scott
We have learned from KSDE that the ELPA results will not be available to us until October. We have communicated to your ESL staff that they are to continue with current ILPs, and create ILPs on new students.
Also, the K-ELPA window for this year will be February 1-March 10. It is the same assessment as last year, delivered online, but it will be administered through KITE this year. There will also be two sections, speaking and writing, that will have to be human scored. As soon as KSDE provides us with information on training for scoring we will communicate with you and your ESL staff.
If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me.