Friday, April 2, 2021

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Lump Sum Info

Principals and Certified Administrators – Please share this information with your certified staff:

Complete the Online Lump Sum Request/Rescind form by April 30, 2021. Under KSA 74-4940(b) to receive your summer pay in the form of a “lump sum”.

Changes made to your W4/K4 should take place starting May 31 thru June 4, 2021 on Employee Online.


If you DO NOT wish to receive a Lump Sum salary payment this year, but received it last school year, you MUST request that the Lump Sum be RESCINDED, by indicating your choice when prompted.  If you DO NOT wish to receive a lump sum salary payment this year, and did not receive one last year, you do not need to do anything.

Lump Sum Change Form
2021 W-4 Instructions
K-4 Form

Enough is Enough Sign-Up

Principals,  please share this with your staff – and ask them to share it with students and parents.

Community Forum

Curriculum & Instruction

Elementary Principals, Assistant Principals, and Instructional Coaches

ACTION NEEDED by Friday, April 9th – C & I Materials Ordering Information for 2021-22

Consumable Workbooks (CKLA & Eureka Math)

Please see this document for instructions to order workbooks for the 2021-22 school year.

Adding/Closing Classrooms

If you are planning to add or close any classrooms for the 2021-22 school year, please let Suzie Legg, Curriculum Coordinator, know via email ( so we can determine the next steps that make sense for your site. For reference, this document indicates the number of classrooms the C & I Department shows that you have materials for at your site.

Thank you for attending to this task as soon as possible. Please have this information completed by the end of the day Friday, April 9th.

Please contact Suzie Legg ( with any questions.


Congratulations to Angela Wright and her team of teachers at West Park. With her leadership and support, 100% of her teachers have shared a live Connector session with their students. You might be thinking, what 100%? I thought the April 1 goal was 75%. You are right. The West Park team hit a home run and flew right past the 75% mark and hit 100%. That is how you hit a home run with the bases loaded. Way to score!

March Newsletter PDF


The ESOL Department will again be offering the ESL Praxis Practice Sessions to certified staff who are interested in earning their ESL endorsement by taking the Praxis exam. Share the link out to staff so they can sign up for sessions if they are interested. The 2021 spring sessions will begin the week of April 12th. There will be two sessions a week offered for the study sessions.  The sessions will be delivered both virtually and asynchronously. Sessions one, three, and five will be delivered virtually with sessions two and four being completed asynchronously in Canvas. Session one will be two hours long and sessions three and five will be an hour each with an overall time commitment of 10 hours.

Session sign up link for interest in participating in the Praxis Sessions due before April 8th end of day.

Federal Programs

To ALL Building Administration and District Department Leaders

Review Title IX, Bullying/Harassment Reporting Structures with Staff and Students

Please include a review of the Title IX/bullying and harassment policies and reporting requirements with ALL staff and students on your 4th quarter/re-entry meeting agendas.  Refer back to the mandatory training talking points for guidelines and be sure to include the following:

  1. Identify who the Title IX Building/Department Coordinator/Investigator is for your building/department.
  2. Remind staff/students that by policy, they are required to report any Sexual Harassment or Race Discrimination incidents they experience, witness, hear about, or receive a report on from a colleague or student.
  3. Remind staff/students the required process is to report incidents of any staff or student misconduct to the Building Principal/Department Manager or the Building/Department Title IX Coordinator/Investigator.
    1. If the staff member/student doesn’t feel comfortable reporting to the building, they can contact Human Resources or any of the District Compliance Officers that were listed in the final video.
    2. Staff/students can also use the Bullying/Harassment Report button on the website/student devices to make a report. Reports go directly to central office leaders.
    3. Staff/students can also use the district phone line which is 913-627-2550.
  4. Reference and post the Board of Education Policies for Sexual Harassment (GAAC/JGEC/AH/KN), Race and Disability Discrimination (GAACA/JGECA; GAAB/JCE), Acceptable Use/Communication Policies for district technology devices and internet (IIBF/GAT) for students and staff.
  5. Remind staff about Board of Education Policy for Staff-Student Relationships (GAF).
    1. All communication should be school or instructional related and should never violate student-staff relationship or supervisor-staff relationship policies.
    2. At NO TIME, should a staff member EVER TEXT or MESSAGE an INDIVIDUAL STUDENT for ANY reason, even school related.
    3. Individual messages between supervisors and individual staff members should remain professional, related to school/work and support the development of a positive school or work climate.  Supervisors should maintain a professional standard for all communications, at all times.


Budget update for Department Leaders
The district will be utilizing the Allovue system for budgeting this year.  We will be conducting training for Department Leaders on March 30th at 10:00.  The training will be recorded for anyone who cannot attend.  You are welcome to include your assistants if they help in the budgeting process and/or will assist in entering the budget into Allovue.  Budget meetings with Brad, Tracy, and Dennis will begin the following week.  The Zoom link for the training is:

Budget update for Principals/Treasurers

The district will be utilizing the Allovue system for budgeting this year.  Training has been rescheduled for Principals and Treasurers to April 8 at 1:00.  The training will be recorded for anyone who cannot attend.  We strongly encourage you to bring your Treasurer or have your Treasurer watch the training recording to assist in entering the budget into Allovue.  Budget meetings with Brad, Tracy, and Dennis will begin the following week.  The Zoom link for the training is:

Human Resources

Professional Development

Principals – please share this information with your staff regarding University of Kansas SPED Online program for Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Professional Workforce Development

Here are the links for the district professional development on Friday, April 2nd from 8:00 am to 11:00 am.  This can also be found on the District Website under Staff Links at the bottom of the page.

iObservation Training

All Administrators, Directors, Principals, and People Managers – If you are in need of some iObservation training we will be hosting a 3 hour  training session  on Thursday, April 29, 2021 (time to be determined).

This training is for new users or anyone wanting a refresher.  This training will provide a system overview, instruction on how to conduct an observation, provide some practice time, and tips and tricks on how to effectively use the system.  Training will be virtual and space is limited.  If you are interested please email Tanya Selectman at  to sign up.  The deadline to sign up is end of business Friday, April 9, 2021.

HR Power Hour

Thank you for attending our HR Power Hour on March 25th.  I have the notes from the meeting attached as well.  We would encourage anyone who was able to attend to share with your colleagues that this is an available resource for them.  We will be having our next zoom session on April 8, 2021, from 9:30 am – 10:30 am.  During this time any questions that Building Administrators or IIO’s may have they can ask our HR Staff.  Also, from an HR Standpoint, we will share any announcements or updates we may have.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 841 6703 2115

Passcode: Z8L5Md 

Attachment: 03/25/2021 HR Power Hour Meeting Notes (link below)  (

Upcoming Evaluation Reminders

This is a reminder that the following evaluations will be due April 10, 2021.  Also as a reminder Classified Staff Evaluations will be due on May 1, 2021

  • Teacher – Year 1, Semester 2
  • Teacher – Year 2, Semester 2
  • Administrator – Year 1, Semester 2
  • Administrator – Year 2, Semester 2


THE DEADLINE FOR ENCUMBERING FUNDS FOR FY 2020-21 SATURDAY, APRIL 10, 2021 This means all funds to be spent from the current year budgets (including grants, fees, etc.) must be ENCUMBERED in BusinessPLUS and submitted to Workflow on or before 11:59pm on April 10, 2021. Please note the following:

  1. All requisitions to cover expenses that will occur during the months of April and May must be entered as a “B” type (Blanket) requisition. You are to estimate what will be spent for those months and enter a requisition for each vendor from which you anticipate making a purchase.You must do this not only for supplies, but also for any services, equipment, or furniture purchases. Remember, the goods or services that you purchase must match the purpose of the budget line. You must buy supplies with a supplies object code (56100). You cannot buy equipment (57300) or furniture (57330) with a supply (56100) object code.

2. All funds encumbered under PO’s that are not PAID on or before June 15, 2021 will be disencumbered, and funds will return to the District to use for districtwide projects.

a.“Paid” means that a check has been printed and mailed by Accounts Payable, receiving a PO in BusinessPLUS (POUPRC) DOES NOT pay an invoice. Please review the status of all open POs in your budget regularly to ensure invoices are received so payment can be made no later than the last board meeting in May.
If invoices are not received, it is the responsibility of the school/department to contact the vendor to get the invoice to AP before the June 15 deadline.

b.In past years, several schools/departments waited to order items from POs until close to the PO cancelation date. As a result, items were shipped late, items were backordered, or invoices were not received timely to meet the payment deadline. It is the responsibility of the school/department to ensure items are ordered timely to meet the deadline. Invoices coming after June 15, will need to be paid from the school/department 2021-22 budget.

3. Any expenditures to be made between April 10 and the end of the school year MUST be encumbered before April 1st. This includes travel, transportation, services, mileage, etc.

4. Storeroom and Print Shop orders must be placed by April 10, if you wish to use current year funds.

5.Estimates of salary costs (other than staff regular pay) to be paid between the deadline and the end of the school year MUST be estimated on or before the deadline. While salary costs cannot be encumbered via PO, you MUST email Brad Isnard with details of the name of the person, the date the work will be performed, the estimated cost and the account number the costs are to be charged to. Email must be received in Brad’s office on or before the deadline.

a.Once the work is performed, timesheets must be submitted within one pay period of the work was performed, but no later than on or before June 15, 2021.
b.Please recall that for the timesheets to be paid, the work MUST be submitted to HR for approval through Board. This information will need to be sent to HR on or before the deadline also.
c.Any salary costs not meeting these requirements will be charged to the school/department 2021-22 budget.

6.Professional Development subs, please email Melissa Shields the information to encumber funds for subs.

a.The name of the teacher requiring a sub
b.The date the sub is used
c. What budget is to be used

7.Visa Usage

a.VISA purchases in June will come from next years’ funds. Enter a requisition by April 1 for as much as your budget allows for spending on VISA in your supply funds for April-May spend needs. Please code to the appropriate budgets as best you know today.
b.All reconciliations (Envelopes) must be turned in by June 15c.June spending will be coming out of your FY 2021-22 budget

8.Closing Purchase Orders

a.All December issued PO’s will close April 13
b.All January issued PO’s will close May 3
c.All February issued PO’s will close June 2
d.All PO’s issued after March 1 will stay open for invoices paid on the June 22nd Board

9.Planning deliveries

a.All delivery of product must happen in time for you to also have invoices created on the schedule above. Plan accordingly.
b.Staples will create backorders for items not in stock. This could delay the invoicing of your shipment. As you follow your orders, if you find an item is not delivering, contact Staples for an update. If delayed, we suggest you cancel that item/s so the rest of the shipment can bill. You can always place another order after July 1.
c.Staples bills for weekly deliveries over the weekend. To hit our timeline, you should place your last orders with Staples by May 28th (at the latest), to deliver and bill in time.

Student Services

Universal Trauma Training
All school building staff (classified and certified) need to have completed the Trauma Sensitive and Resilient School’s Universal Training by May 1, 2021. This training is located on Frontline, and consists of:

  • 4 video modules (approx. 3 hours run time total)
  • 3 handouts
  • 1 Learning Check/Evaluation (which appears after each modules/handout has been “launched” and “completed”). 

Each school has their own Frontline Activity. If staff have already completed the training (either in-person or live-virtually) they should have a certificate. If anyone is experiencing issues with these trainings, or locating their certificate, please contact Brittany Talley:
Trauma Sensitive Tuesdays (TST)
Our next TST will be on April 6, 2021 from Noon-1pm. We will be hosting our colleagues in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Khara Martin and Zakry Akagi – Bustin
Register Here
Frontline Activity

KCK Wear Blue Day is April 9th