Friday, June 4, 2021

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NOTICE: New Summer-Only Schedule for the Administrators’ Desk Newsletter

Due to the upcoming four-day summer workweek and the large number of staff off-duty in the summer time, the Administrators’ Desk Newsletter will only publish once a week until the first week of school. The remaining summer newsletter editions will publish on Tuesdays.

Additionally, from June 16 to July 19, the newsletter will be on hiatus; any urgent admin-only news postings should go to either Edwin Birch or Sharita Hutton for that month. As usual, anything that needs to post in the newsletter should be sent to Mike Keener.

Re-Enrollment Information

Principals, please share this very important re-enrollment information with parents and students:

Enrollment Flyer – English PDF

Enrollment Flyer – Spanish PDF

Enrollment Flyer – Burmese PDF

Enrollment Flyer – Hmong PDF

Enrollment Flyer – Kinyarwandan PDF

Enrollment Flyer – Nepali PDF

Enrollment Flyer – Swahili PDF

Also – we have video instructions for parents at this public link, which can also be shared.

Enough is Enough Sign-Up

Principals,  please share this pledge page with your staff – and ask them to share it with students and parents.

Curriculum & Instruction

Attn:  Middle School Principals

RE: Science GVC Updates for 21-22 School Year

Please note that the GVCs for MS Science have been updated. We have reorganized some of the scope and sequence and called out a few additional resource options. Here is a document outlining the changes and messaging around the updates. Any questions can be directed to 

Attn:  K-5 Elementary Principals

RE: Delivery of Eureka Math Consumable Workbooks for 2021-22 School Year-UPDATE

We wanted to let you know that due to the printing/shipping delay for our workbooks we have asked the vendor to hold the majority of orders until principals return in July.  We have been told that only two school deliveries (Silver City and John Fiske) are in transit and should have arrived yesterday.  All other orders will be held until the week of July 12th when principals are back on duty.  We will send a reminder once principals return in July that these materials will be arriving.  If you have any questions, please contact Suzie Legg, Curriculum Coordinator.

Human Resources

June 4, 2021, Last Day to Submit Resignations for Certified Staff


Friday, June 4th, is the last day for certified staff to submit their resignation without penalty. Please encourage staff to submit their resignation via TalentEd Records. Here are instructions (PDF) that you can share with your staff.

Certified Salary Adjustment Window May 1 – July 31, 2021

Leaders –

This year’s Certified Salary Adjustment window is open from May 1st  – July 31st. The electronic form is used to request a salary adjustment based upon the following; completion of additional college hours, a combination of college hours and PD points, and/or add a National Board Certification Stipend. The Certified Staff Salary Adjustment Request form can be found in TalentEd Records under Available Forms. If approved for salary adjustment, a salary increase would go into effect beginning with the August 15, 2021 paycheck and onward.

Official transcripts and/or proof of National Board Certification can be uploaded directly to the submission form or sent to All Official documents are due to Human Resources by July 31, 2021. If you or your staff have any questions,  encourage them to reach out individually to Shaunteh Jones at or Ana Perez-Sievert Please share this information with all of your Certified staff.

Stay Well!

Retirement Celebration

Message: Save the Date: As KCKPS gets ready to say goodbye to those men and women that have done so much for this school district, we ask that you save the date for our upcoming Retirement Celebration. The event is set to take place on Thursday, July 8th in front of Schlagle High School from 2:30 to 4pm. More details to come soon.

Blackout Days

The Last 8 Days Based off of your Duty Days are considered Blackout Days

186 Day – May 19th – May 28th
196 Day – May 26th – June 4th
211 Day – May 26th – June 4th
216 Day – June 2nd – June 11th
221 Day – June 9th – June 18th
226 Day – June 16th – June 25th
231 Day – June 14th – June 23th

To receive a paid absence you would have to provide a doctor’s note, jury duty summons, military leave notice or an obituary.  Any other absence would be considered an unpaid absence.

If you have any questions please email

Instructional Technology

Canvas for KCKPS Leadership – a course to help Administrators and Instructional Coaches better understand how to utilize Canvas as a building or district leader.


Reminder about upcoming financial deadlines from Finance:

The last date to encumber funds for the current school year was April 10. Purchase requisitions will now be denied.

All funds encumbered under PO’s that are not PAID on or before June 15, 2021 will be disencumbered, and funds will return to the District to use for districtwide projects.

“Paid” means that a check has been printed and mailed by Accounts Payable, receiving a PO in BusinessPLUS (POUPRC) DOES NOT pay an invoice. Please review the status of all open POs in your budget regularly to ensure invoices are received so payment can be made no later than the last board meeting in May.


If invoices are not received, it is the responsibility of the school/department to contact the vendor to get the invoice to AP before the June 15 deadline. If you miss this deadline, invoices presented late must be paid from your FY2021-22 funds.



In order to help you get prepared for upcoming check out, we have some helpful things for you to be addressing now:

• Run your KCPO5001 Open PO Report in Business Plus. This is a list of all PO’s in PP (partial paid) or PO (not used) status.

• On each of those PO’s listed, you can drill down into the PO number and see your PO3001 Purchase Order Status Inquiry. Look under the ‘Open Hold Activity’ section to see all the payments made on this PO.

• If you find this is all correct, we’ll talk at checkout about closing these.

• If you find you have an invoice/s that is NOT listed here, please contact the vendor for a copy of that missing invoice and address during check out.

Reminder: By following this process every couple of months, it will eliminate this big push at the end of the year; it will free up $$’s earlier for you to spend before the end of the year; it will find missing invoices earlier keeping our vendors happy and it will eliminate searching old items when there is a change in the Treasurer’s position.