Friday, August 27, 2021

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Incident Reports and Supervisors Accident Reports

 To make the reporting of workman’s compensation accidents less time consuming, the Supervisors Accident Report is now an electronic form.

Regardless of severity, immediate supervisors & directors are required to report all work-related injuries within 48 hours to Risk Management.

To do so, please use the following link:

The Incident Report helps document any incident involving non employees.

This includes our students, visitors, parents and guardians.

The incident form is to be filled out for a number of situations including: a child is missing, if a student is injured in a way that could require medical attention in the future, police have to be called during an incident,  there is a fight,  or even to report property damage. An example of a fight that needs to be recorded- a fight that breaks out that others are around and it may have been recorded. A fight that someone may not realize they are injured immediately but could later on in the day. Fights that do NOT need to be recorded: two kids on the playground hit each other in the arm over a ball. 

There may be other incidents that could also require use of this form.

 If you have questions about whether an incident falls into this category, please reach out to your IIO. 

Here is a link to the Incident Report form:

Students of the Month

We know the school year is just getting underway but this is a great time to start identifying people in your class/school that are going above and beyond. Do you have a student that helped others on their first day? Excelling inside and outside the classroom? This is your chance to nominate them for Student of the Month. To do so, please follow this link.

For Central Office (and Non-School Buildings)

Please view your department’s pages on the website (which you should be able to find here), and let Mike Keener know if there’s anything that needs to be updated  for the beginning of the school year.

Enough is Enough Sign-Up

Principals,  please share this pledge page with your staff – and ask them to share it with students and parents.

Question: When to reach out to the media? 
Answer: Never

KCKPS has a Communications Department to handle this for you. If you know of a newsworthy story and want to see it covered by local media please send an email to or We will work closely with you and your school to figure out the best way to tell the story and which media outlet is the best for the story.

If media reaches out to you, please get the reporter’s name, number, and media outlet they are with. Include information on the story they are asking to talk to you about and get a hold of Sharita or Edwin immediately with the information. We will work with you to figure out the best way to tell the story. No interviews are to be done without prior approval.


If you have questions, let us know and you can always use our cell phones to reach out to us.

Curriculum & Instruction


Attn:  Elementary Principals (please share with teachers as needed)

Re:  Eureka Math Assessments available through Affirm via Great Minds tile in Clever

We no longer pay for access to Edulastic.  Instead, all Eureka Math assessment content is accessible in Affirm, which you can find through the Great Minds tile in Clever.  Once Math InSync opens, click on the Great Minds Apps Selector waffle in the top right-hand corner to see Affirm.

The following resources support the use of the platform:

Attn:  All Principals/Instructional Coaches/IIOs/District Directors (C&I, SPED, ESL)

Re:  Student – Centered Coaching Training

Please mark your calendars for September 13 and 14 for Student-Centered Coaching training provided by Julie Steele, local coaching expert and trainer.

Instructional coaches – will attend all day Monday, September 13 from 8:30 – 3:30 in-person at Central Office; training rooms 131-133 and on Tuesday, September 14 from 12:30 – 3:00 in-person at Central Office; training rooms 131-133.

Building Principals – will attend on Tuesday, September 14 from 8:30 – 11:30 in-person at Central Office; training rooms 131-133. You will only attend one half-day training session. 

Topics for training include: Building a culture for coaching, fostering authentic coaching engagement, goal-setting and learning targets, coaching cycles, and the Results-Based Coaching Tool.


Attn:  All Principals

Re:  Canvas Training and Support for Staff (Please share with building staff)

Canvas Training & Support for the 21-22 School Year

Canvas Training and Support Survey – Please send to all staff to complete – please provide the survey link to staff so that we can determine what Canvas training support needs to be provided district-wide.

CANVAS TRAINING HUB – Share with staff

Training Opportunities (click titles to go to courses or websites)

Where to go for help or support?

  • Login help ONLY –
  • KCKPS Canvas Support Cadre – see names below
  • Everything else – Canvas support (available 24/7)

KCKPS Canvas Support Cadre

  • Bailey Bacon (HS)
  • Megan Cooper (EC)
  • Wendy Elkins (MS/HS)
  • Allen Lehman (MS)
  • Christopher McLean (ES)
  • Jennifer Mendez (MS)
  • Robert Nowlin (SPED/MS)
  • Rebekah Stigers (MS)
  • James Todd (MS/HS)
  • Judith White (SPED/ES)

**Please note, these are all classroom teachers. Give them at least 24 hours to respond to questions. If your question is urgent, contact Canvas support.**


The Fall assessment window for FastBridge has been extended one week to allow staff extra time for certifications and student assessment administration. Please see the updated dates located in the 21-22 Assessment Schedule. Supporting staff during assessment is a DERA priority and we hope this extension adds some flexibility to your schedules.

Federal Programs

AUDIENCE:  Title IX Department/Building Coordinators

Subject: Timely Entry of Title IX Spreadsheet Data

KCKPS has a 24-hour timeline for documenting Title IX incidents. This timeline requirement applies to BOTH Title IX Incident Report Forms, as well as Building/Department Title IX Spreadsheets. Building/Department Title IX Coordinators should enter information onto their building or department Title IX spreadsheet within the 24-hour time period of reporting and receiving contact from the District Title IX Coordinator’s office.

AUDIENCE: Title I Building Principals

Subject: Title I Schoolwide Planning Team Rosters

All Title I buildings should submit a digital copy of their Title I Schoolwide Planning Team rosters to the Federal Programs by 9/10/2021. The School Improvement Planning Building Leadership Team (BLT) can serve as the Title I Schoolwide Planning team, as long as the team includes parent representative(s). Rosters should identify the role of each participant and a template is linked to the Title I School resource page in the Principal Handbook and an editable template can be found in the Federal Programs shared drive.

Human Resources

Admin Desk

We have had some instances where Administrators are not able to get into the Admin Guide. The admin guide should be a first point of Reference for Human Resource related questions. The Admin Guide can be found under “Staff Links” from the Home Page. Click here to fill out the form for access.

Evaluation Information 

HR is currently working with PowerSchool/TalentEd Support to get our evaluation information automated for the future.  In the meantime, we are asking that if principals are missing staff or need staff added/removed from their list in TalentEd Perform to email those requests to In the email please provide the employees first and last name, employee ID#, and if they need to be added/removed.  If you have any issues with your staffs list in iObservation please email  We will provide additional updates in the coming weeks.

Horizon Award Submissions

It is time to start submitting your nomination for Horizon Awards. Please see this document for more information. The deadline for submissions is September 24th. Please send completed submissions to

Classroom Coverage

I hope you are well. We wanted to make sure you were aware of some questions that have been coming into the HR office. We have had some questions about compensation for classified staff covering for a teacher’s absence. Although you might be aware of the protocol, below is some follow-up.

  • We are not utilizing classified staff to cover for a certified opening(s).

  • If a classified individual is the “classroom monitor” because another teacher is zooming from the other room (due to distancing/capacity), then they can be utilized as the “aide” and not the instructor.

  • The classified employee should be reassigned for the day to this new role and not expected to perform their normal duties. This would allow them to keep their daily rate without the expectation of additional pay for two roles.

  • If we have multiple sections of one class (i.e. 4th grade), then those other teachers who are 4th grade teachers should split the classroom and will be compensated appropriately.

  • 65% or more of the classroom, teacher receives full hourly rate (per negotiated agreement)

  • Less than 65% of the classroom, teacher receives half the hourly rate (per negotiated agreement)

We are working hard to make sure that all positions are covered to the best of our ability, but as you know we are short in total. We are hoping we can maneuver and help with the absences and vacancies.

TalentEd Perform

Human Resources has updated TalentEd Perform for the 21-22 evaluation for certified staff. Due to a technological glitch, we had to manually change each person in the system. To the best of our abilities, we have aligned the right employees to the correct schools. We understand that there might be some mistakes. We ask that you send an email to and stating the following:

  1. Who needs to be added to your list that is missing.

  2. Who needs to be removed from your list that is still remaining.

    1. Let us know if they resigned or transferred within the district.

    2. If you know the school building of transfer, please let us know.

If you have someone on your list that you are not evaluating this year, rather one of your colleagues within your building or district, please reassign the evaluator inside of TalentEd. Under My Staff>>>Staff>>>Evaluation. Find the person who you would like to Assign and click “view” on their account. Once in “view” click the “assign” button. Search for the person they need to be assigned to. Additionally, if you need to shift a bunch of people. You may select the checkboxes next to their names, scroll down to the bottom and select “assign evaluator” from the drop down.

Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS)

Repeat Item

Re: Instructional Software Inventory (Action Required)

To: All Building Administrators 

As we continue to ensure district alignment and identifying the resources that are having a positive impact on student achievement, we are asking each building to complete this short instructional software inventory form. This inventory form will help district leaders know what software is being implemented throughout the system. Please complete this inventory by no later than close of business on Friday, August 27.

New Item

​Re: SIT Coordinator Information (Action Required)

To: All Building Administrators

Each year, building leaders identify members of their school teams to be the building SIT Coordinator(s). Please use the following recommendations as you determine who will be your SIT Coordinator for this school year:

  • Basic understanding of the SIT process to help lead others through the process in your building
  • Credibility with all staff as an instructional leader with knowledge of evidenced-based instructional strategies
  • Knowledgeable about the principles of Trauma Sensitive and Resilient Schools and the ability to apply those when working with children and adults
  • Ability to use and coach others on how to use Infinite Campus
  • Schedule that allows for attendance at regularly scheduled SIT Coordinator meetings
    • Our first SIT coordinator meeting will be in September. The date and time are still TBD and will be communicated with you soon in an upcoming Administrator’s Desk. 

Please use the following Google sheet [SIT Building Coordinator Contact Sheet] to update the names of your building SIT Coordinators. Also, the current number of SIT Coordinators may change based on your building’s enrollment and the number of SIT plans on file in Infinite Campus.

Police Department


Members of the SAFEDEFEND™ team will be in USD 500 buildings over the next two to four weeks (August – September 2021) to assist enrolling district personnel into the system. This is a routine process to assist building administrators and their safety team in attempt to get our employees enrolled into the system. Police staff will be accompanying the SAFEDEFEND™ team as needed to assist. We would like to express our appreciation to all those leaders and their staff who during COVID protocols have been proactive in their efforts to assist with enrollment.

The following are some of the issues we will be collectively working on with you and your team during our visits:

  • Enrolling employees specific to the building (staff name & fingerprints)
    • Validating or updating active or inactive staff members
  • Assuring and determining system wellness
  • Assisting with educational or training materials
    • All related materials can be found in the Principals Notebook.
      • Police Tab
      • Crisis Planning Section
      • SafeDefend (Harm Mitigation & Crisis Management System)
  • System testing without students or minimal impact on instructional time (During PD or PLC)
  • Sequence of familiarization to building personnel; lead team, faculty & staff)

Action Needed: Principals and or Principal Secretaries, please be ready to assist. We will attempt to contact the Principal’s Office in advance.

NEW Standard Response Protocol (SRP 2021)

SRP is Action Based

The Standard Response Protocol (SRP) is based not on individual scenarios but on the response to any given situation. Like the Incident Command System (ICS), SRP demands a specific vocabulary but also allows for great flexibility. The premise is simple – there are five specific actions that can be performed during an incident. When communicating these, the action is labeled with a “Term of Art” and is then followed by a “Directive.” Execution of the action is performed by active participants.

  • Hold (most commonly used) is followed by the Directive: “In Your Room or Area” is the protocol used when hallways need to kept clear of occupants.
  • Secure (no more lockout)  is followed by the Directive: “Get Inside. Lock Outside Doors” is the protocol used to safeguard people within the building.
  • Lockdown is followed by “Locks, Lights, Out of Sight” is the protocol used to secure individual rooms and keep occupants quiet and in place.
  • Evacuate and may be followed by a location, and is used to move people from one location to a different location in or out of the building.
  • Shelter State the Hazard and Safety Strategy for group and self-protection.

Action Needed by the Building Administrators:

  • Order required printed materials from District Print Shop for each building.
    • Required updated SRP 2021 Materials are available in the District Print Shop only (See these PDF instructions).
    • Uniformity on SRP Posters and signs are required throughout all district buildings.
    • You building team will need to eliminate or sanitize any old or outdated SRP materials from your building.
    • Coach your staff and students to the new SRP 2021 standards.
  • The District Print Shop can print additional SRP materials or you may download them from the I Love You Guys Foundation Website:
    • Standard Response Protocol “purple tab” in the lower left corner in the section of Pre-K 12.
  • This information can be reached through the Principals Notebook.
    • Police Tab
    • Crisis Planning Section
    • New Standard Response Protocol (2021)

Professional Development

District Content PD Locations/Links

ALL 9:00 Elementary School Principals

ALL Middle School and Sumner Principals,

  • *Sumner Teachers attend District Content PD with High School PD – NOT – with Middle Schools. (There was an error in the information shared in the Admin Notice on August 20 and 24.)
  • Please send the following link to all staff as a reminder for where they are supposed to be on Wednesday afternoon.  21-22 District Content PD – Locations/Links. Encourage them to bookmark this link – we will use the SAME link all year.

Mentor Program

If for some reason you have not completed the Mentor/Mentee Match for your school, please do so ASAP. The mentors will need to be notified of the training. 

21/22 Mentee and Mentor Match

IDP Reps

All Principals and Department Directors,

  • If you have submitted the name of your IDP Rep for the 21-22 school year, then I sent them a meeting invitation for both meetings. If you haven’t had a chance to submit your IDP Rep, please complete the following form ASAP.

DCIP PD Series

Sept. 1, Oct. 6, Nov. 17

Jan. 5, Feb. 2, Mar. 9, Apr. 6, May 4

District Continuous Improvement Plan (DCIP)

Professional Development Series


2021-2022 Objectives

By the end of these modules (8), learners will be able to

  1. Describe updates regarding Family Advocacy Time (advisory period)
  2. Implement/Utilize Diploma+ tools including Nepris the Connector and Naviance
  3. Recognize the importance of culturally responsive teaching and examine communication
  4. Identify and build/improve micro-skills directly related to Adult Social-Emotional Learning and Trauma Sensitive and Resilient Schools
  5. Connect the work of Student Services, Diploma+ and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as part of the effort to improve academic and social outcomes for all students.

Principals will receive their school’s Canvas Section Code in an email.

Student Services

Department: Volunteers and Community Partners

Community Volunteers (Action Required)

To: All Building Administrators

One-time projects, on-going projects and flexible times are ways to volunteer or mentor to support schools, students and teachers.  This includes individuals or small groups but Community Organizations will also need a Memorandum of Understanding.

Click here to apply to be a volunteer.

Application requirements are:

  • An email address
  • Three character references

Applicants will need to answer questions that cover grade level, job history, skills and/or interests you like to share.

Once the application is submitted a background check is completed the search results come back within 24 to 48 hours. A required orientation is held at the KCKPS Central Office to provide an overview of District expectations, Covid procedures and student/family confidentiality.

If you want to learn more, contact Rosie Rodriguez in the department of Student Services at 913.279.2248. Please make sure any current volunteers or mentors have completed this process.


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